Did you see Fyodor Golan’s collection at London Fashion Week AW2016? Coca-Cola made a striking appearance among the new designs, which featured vintage "bathing beauties" ads and the iconic Coca-Cola bottle. And now many of the pieces are available to buy at Selfridges for a limited time.

We caught up with the fashion duo, Fyodor Podgorny and Golan Frydman, to find out a little bit more about the twelve week pop up.

Why did you choose to sell the collection in Selfridges?
We love Selfridges. It is one of the most exciting department stores today. They constantly challenge the viewer and the way we experience buying fashion and this sits very well with the FYODOR GOLAN’s constantly evolving brand ethos.

How does it feel to see the collection hanging up in Selfridges?
Fantastic, we love the concept of the new Designer Studio space and love to have had the chance to be a bold part of it and contribute our point of view to this really modern retail environment.

Are all the Coke inspired designs available, and if not how do you pick which items to include?
Most are available, although we work with the store’s buyers to identify the right choices and quantities for the store’s clientele.

What preparation goes into setting up a pop-up store?
Loads! We start with designing various options as we can’t tell in advance the size and location of the pop-up, we share the design concepts with our partners, i.e. Coca-Cola and Selfridges and make the necessary adjustments making sure the concept works in its environment.

Then we need to be very logistical and figure out how to produce the project within the physical realm of size, location and even budgets.

Once the planning stage is done we collaborate with various production companies to produce and set up the space which is always nerve wracking but very rewarding at the end.

What else are you busy working on?
We are now working on our SS17 collection which will include a really exciting new digital territory for us. Stay tuned for the London Fashion Week launch!

Before London Fashion Week AW16, Fyodor Golan took a few moments to reflect on their collection, the capital’s fashion scene, and discuss their involvement with Coca-Cola. Read the full interview here.

The Fyodor Golan pop up runs in Selfridges, London for twelve weeks from 24th July 2016.