Everyone knows Warren Buffett can pick a winning stock. But, as nearly 700 Coca-Cola shareowners learned first-hand today at the company’s annual meeting, the iconic investor and philanthropist can also pick his way around a ukulele.

Before taking the stage for a conversation with Coca-Cola Chairman and CEO Muhtar Kent, Buffett appeared on screen playing and singing the classic 1971 jingle, “I’d Like to Buy the World a Coke."

“I could buy the world a Coke, but I’m not sure my shareowners would go for that,” the 84-year-old joked at the end of the clip.

Buffett’s folksy charm and trademark sense of humour are on display in the 47-second video, which concludes appropriately with him plucking Coke’s signature five-note melody.

When Coca-Cola invited Buffett to toast the 100th anniversary of its iconic bottle with a special song, the company’s largest shareowner – and loyal Coke and Cherry Coke drinker – gladly accepted.

“Knowing Warren is such a fan of the brand and that he has this musical gift, we thought, ‘What better way to celebrate this great Coca-Cola milestone while having a bit of fun?” said Jennifer Healan, group director, integrated marketing content, for Coca-Cola North America.

Buffett first picked up the ukulele – a small, guitar-like instrument – in college to impress a girl he had a crush on. Since then, he's 
duetted with rocker Jon Bon Jovi and actress Glenn Close, and even serenaded Piers Morgan on live TV.