Get your family and friends together this summer and try these fun football games and drills, recommended by the coaches at StreetGames.

1. Head, shoulders, knees and toes

The ultimate keepie-uppie challenge! Start with a header, and then tap it on your right shoulder, then left shoulder, right knee, left knee, right foot, and end on your left foot. Once you can do all of that, can you go back up to your head again? We’d love to see you have a go, so tweet us your videos at @CocaCola_GB!

2. The double drag-back drill

Develop your dribbling skills with this one-player drill – it looks pretty impressive too! Using the soles of your feet, drag two balls in a circle with alternate touches so they cross over each other.

Watch how the StreetGames coaches do the double drag-back and nutmeg:

A simple one-on-one game where a player attempts to put the ball through their opponent’s legs and collects it on the other side. Score yourself some bonus points for using only the sole of your foot, your weak foot or doing a ‘double nutmeg’ and getting it through two opponents’ legs! The video above shows it in action.

4. Ultimate champion

You’ll need one goal, one goalkeeper, one ball and as many players as you can round up! Everyone competes against each other to score and qualify for the next round. The last person to score in each round is eliminated and the last player standing is crowned the winner!

5. Head tennis

Improve your heading skills with this simple game for two or more players. Find yourself a net, rope or wall to play over – or you could even use more creative alternatives such as a picnic bench, rubbish bin or fence. Try to get a rally going and keep score of who drops the ball first.

Movement is happiness
StreetGames is a UK charity providing sporting opportunities for teenagers in disadvantaged communities across the UK. Our support for StreetGames is just one of the ways we’re inspiring people across the country to move more, more often. After all, being active is one of the most important things we can do for our health and happiness [LINK:].