Fanta’s getting freaky this Halloween with a fright-night makeover on the classic cans and bottles, created by renowned Graphic Designer, Noma Bar.

Ghoulish graphics

Israeli designer, Noma Bar, has added his iconic designs to the classic packaging this Halloween, with four ghoulish characters bringing out the playful side of Fanta on limited-edition cans and bottles.

Fanta Orange and Fanta Orange Zero Sugar feature a skeleton with orange slices for eyes, a broken witch’s smile and Frankenstein’s face. While Fanta Fruit Twist and Fanta Fruit Twist Zero sees evil-eyed Dracula with fruit caught between his fangs.

Using a minimalist approach to the design that utilises negative space, colour, shape and iconography, Noma Bar has well and truly made his mark with a clever and playful design.

Snapchat exclusives

And that’s not all. You can transform yourself into a cracked China Doll or bathe in a bath of blood with a series of spooky new Snapchat filters and lenses. Just pick up a limited-edition Halloween pack of Fanta, scan the QR code and start scaring your friends and family! 

Fanta Halloween Snapchat Filters

But don’t hang around. These other-worldly cans and bottles won’t be here forever, and the Snapchat filters return from the dark side on 30 November…

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