Coca-Cola Mexico is putting a modern-day spin on its iconic ribbon in a new teen-centric campaign in Latin America called #VerdaderoAmigo (#TrueFriendship), which celebrates the virtues of what being a good friend means in situations where harsh words and actions seem inescapable.

Today’s universal symbol of friendship – the fist bump – serves as the visual centerpiece of the multidimensional campaign, transforming the signature Coke ribbon on packaging, billboards, in-store displays and promotional merchandise including t-shirts, phone cases, an ear bud splitter that lets consumers share music, and a device that enables mobile users to share their battery with a friend who’s running low.

Digital content created by Coca-Cola Mexico and Pereira & O’Dell will be at the core of the campaign. A series of web films capture empathetic “crossroads moments” where true friends become heroes. The two films below are available now, and one more will appear online later this month.

"Coca-Cola is shedding light on what we’re referring to as ‘crossroad moments’,” explains PJ Pereira, chief creative officer and co-founder, Pereira & O’Dell. “These are the times when friends can choose to step up for a friend in need selflessly. We hope these scenarios inspire conversation among teens and put a spotlight on how we can choose not to be cruel to another human being, especially with words.”

#TrueFriendship will also include a TV spot and vines starring top soccer players like Javier “Chicharito” Hernández and Raúl Jimenez and One Direction, whose song “Clouds” soundtracks the campaign. In Mexico, the campaign will feature music by local pop group CD9.

Coca-Cola will work with MTV to feature several short documentaries of digital influencers who will share stories about meeting their closest friends, their crossroads moments and the outcomes of their life choices.

Fans can use the hashtag #VerdaderoAmigo or #TrueFriendship to celebrate true friends by mimicking the Coca-Cola’s fist bump ribbon in Instagram posts and vines.

“Since we identified the moments teens use to connect emotionally, this campaign is the digital tool we need to reach them, and we want to use it to celebrate them and show them that happiness is also a choice,” said José Luis Basauri, marketing director, Coca-Cola Trademark, Coca-Cola Mexico. “When we chose unity, teamwork and being kind to others, teens can produce significant positive changes.”