The FIFA Women’s World Cup™ is one of the sporting world’s most exciting events. Don’t believe us? Neither did one avid footie fan…

Here at Coca-Cola, we love football and we’re proud to be a partner of both the men’s and women’s FIFA World Cup™. Women’s football is soaring in popularity around the world, but we know there are still some people out there who haven’t given it a chance. Which is why we wanted to address some of those preconceptions head on. 

To do just that, we recently got in touch with Keanu Bruton, an avid football fan who tweeted a fly-away comment that he didn’t think the women’s game was that good – with the aim to give him the opportunity to think again. So, invited by England’s most capped women’s footballer, Fara Williams MBE, we offered him a ticket to the England vs Scotland game.

Watch how it went down…

Fresh off the back of the trip, we caught up with Keanu.

“I used to think women’s football was a bit boring, which is why I took to Twitter a few months ago to say I didn’t think it was very good. Little did I know that post would result in me attending the FIFA Women’s World Cup with one of England’s most famous female footballers.

“I’ll be honest, I hadn’t really watched women’s football because I didn’t think it was as skilled or as exciting, but the invite came out of the blue and I was up for the challenge and genuinely interested to see what it could offer.

“Being able to sit with Fara and experience the match with her was completely surreal. The game was way better than I expected. It reminded me that the men’s and women’s games aren’t so different after all. The excitement, the passion, the hunger to win are all there and the atmosphere was pretty incredible in the stadium too.

“It made me realise I’d been too quick to judge,” he adds, “and I’d been fairly closed-minded. It’s opened my eyes to the women’s game more.”

Sharing her view on the experience, Fara said: “It’s a really exciting time for women’s football, and there’s definitely more of a buzz around it than ever before.

“However, there’s still more we need to do, and I think growth of the women’s game is about reaching out to critics, rather than preaching to the choir.

“The idea is to change the perception of the women’s game; if we only target the fans that are already in the game and support it, things are only going to stay the same. It was a great challenge to try and change Keanu’s view, and we should all be given a chance to try and change perceptions.”

You can find out lots more about our partnership with the FIFA Women’s World Cup here.