There’s a reason London-based fashion designer Ashish Gupta is nicknamed ‘The King of Sequins’.

His signature sparkling styles have enthralled audiences around the world, and his collaboration with Coca-Cola hasn't gone unnoticed either. Last week at London’s Victoria & Albert Hall Museum, Ashish wowed the crowd with a 10-year retrospective fashion show, where his bold prints and sequined masterpieces ruled the runway.

Amongst the collection, which included items and accessories from nearly twenty different seasons, the iconic Coca-Cola logo could be seen emblazoned across one of the pieces.

“'I'm greatly honoured to have been asked to do a retrospective show of my work as part of the Fashion in Motion series at the V&A,” said Ashish.


Ashish is best known for his fusion of Western and Eastern cultures, and in 2013 developed a unique Coca-Cola collection that mixed sportswear, glamour and breathtaking craftsmanship. His inspiration came from examining what Coca-Cola stands for as a global brand.

“I am interested in drawing light to Coke’s unique global appeal, a Western pop brand phenomenon that is equally popular in the East. I’m just always inspired by American pop culture, and Coca-Cola is kind of the biggest brand. And I just love how the logo has been used so much – Andy Warhol and everyone – it's such an iconic thing in itself.” 

Kate Dwyer, The Coca-Cola Company global licensing director, said: "Like fashion, Coca-Cola provides a positive, uplifting feeling to millions of people around the world. Coca-Cola continues to be a source of inspiration for designers due its rich history, strong visual icons and incredible brand following."

Coca-Cola has launched several successful partnerships with other global fashion designers, inlcuding Brits Sophia Webster and Ashley Williams, as well as Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, Nigo and Arzu Kaprol.