What is Fanta's Twisted Carnival?           
Fanta’s Twisted Carnival is a fun Halloween experience where fans will be thrilled and terrified at the same time. You’ll be guided through our carnival tent where you’ll meet a series of creepy characters and take part in a thrilling immersive experience.

Where will Fanta's Twisted Carnival be held?   
Fanta's Twisted Carnival is travelling across Great Britain, kicking off in Thorpe Park Resort, followed by Westfield London White City, Bullring & Grand Central, Birmingham and finally, Liverpool ONE. We hope you can join us…

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When can I visit Fanta's Twisted Carnival?          

Fanta's Twisted Carnival opening dates and live times are:

·       Thorpe Park Resort: 6-7 and 13-14 October, 12 noon-10pm

·       Westfield London, White City: 18-23 October, 12 noon -10pm (Mon-Sat), 12 noon-6pm (Sun)

·       Bullring & Grand Central, Birmingham: 27-31 October, 10am-8pm (Mon-Sat), 11am-5pm (Sun)

·       Liverpool ONE: 3rd & 4th November - 9am-7pm (Sat), 11am-5pm (Sun)

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How do I get tickets for Fanta's Twisted Carnival?       
Fanta's Twisted Carnival is free and you don’t need a ticket. But we recommend getting there early to avoid disappointment.

I am under 16 years old, can I go?             
Sorry, but no. Fanta's Twisted Carnival is open to those aged 16 or older. And all Twisted Carnival guests will need to sign a waiver and agree to the terms and conditions.

For more information, please speak to a member of the onsite team. Or take a look at our terms and conditions.

Is it scary?     
Fanta's Twisted Carnival is designed to be frightening and contains images of a horror-film nature. These include 4D effects with sensory elements.

Is there parking?     
There’s no parking at Fanta's Twisted Carnival tent. Please check with specific venue locations for the closest parking spaces.

Is there anywhere I can leave my bags? 
Unfortunately, no. There are no storage facilitates at Fanta's Twisted Carnival.

Is there wheelchair access?            
Yes – wheelchair access can be found at the main entrance. Please speak to a member of the team when you arrive, they’ll be happy to help.

Is Twisted Carnival indoors?         
Fanta's Twisted Carnival takes place in a waterproof tent, but some queuing may take place in an outdoor location depending on the venue. Please check the weather forecast before you join us.

Can I take photos at the Fanta's Twisted Carnival?      
Photos are permitted in the on-boarding area only. Photos are not permitted beyond the corridor. Please speak to a member of the onsite team for more details.

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