Fancy tucking into a tarantula sandwich? How about a slice of offal cake? Using the nation’s food nightmares, Fanta have concocted a devilish Halloween banquet that will have even the most adventurous foodie’s skin crawling.

Britain’s food hell

Designed to be the ultimate trick or treat, Fanta worked with experimental chefs to create the ultimate Feast of Fears for this year’s Halloween. With new research showing that over a quarter of Brits have a food phobia, the banquet has been made with the most despised foodie frights in mind.

Seafood topped the list of foods most loathed (13%), along with meat (7%) and some vegetables (6%). Tomatoes, beetroot and mushroom were also among the most terrifying down the veggie aisle.

Some even got the jitters around jelly, while others were petrified of pesto!

Brits’ top food phobias revealed as part of Halloween Feast of Fears

Monstrous menu

Mushrooms not terrifying enough for you? Well, maybe this monstrous menu’s dismembered zombie form is, complete with edible jelly brain, human hair and rotting cake flesh.

All washed down with a bloody “eye-ball” Fanta punch. 

To up the fear factor, a few grisly side servings were added, all consisting of the things Brits would least like to find in a meal. Insects and maggots were up there (60%), and even toenails (16%).

“We’ve listened to the British public and combined all of their fears into one horrifying feast. We dare even the bravest to pick up and eat a tarantula sandwich or a zombie foot without squirming.”
– Rosalind Brown, Marketing Manager, Coca-Cola Great Britain

Trick or treat?

But all is not as it first may seem. There are hidden surprises as you munch your way through this gory gastronomy. Will you get a trick or a treat?

The edible ants and fish-skin crisps may be real, but the eerily lifelike marzipan maggots and lychee eye balls make a surprisingly delicious treat.

Dare to look? Feast your eyes on Fanta’s hideous banquet…

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