Fanta is unleashing some wickedly good fun this Halloween through a series of spooky packaging designs created by renowned graphic designer and illustrator, Noma Bar. Bottles, cans and multi-packs featuring four ghoulish characters rendered in Bar’s signature style are available in stores across the U.S. for a limited time.

Bar added his distinct touch to four classic Halloween characters, each of which bring to life the playful personality and flavour profile of a different Fanta variant. Fanta Orange and Fanta Orange Zero bring ghoulish orange slices to a skeleton’s eyes. A wicked witch and a crow peck at grapes. Frankenstein’s monster grunts with a mouthful of pineapple, and Dracula naturally wears red with strawberries caught in his fangs.

Fanta will promote the packaging on Instagram and Facebook, and via outdoor advertising in select U.S. cities. And since the campaign’s primary goal is to create buzz at retail, the brand is extending Fanta’s longstanding link to the haunted holiday via in-store merchandising, bundle offers and custom programmes with grocery partners.

Fanta Spooky Packaging

“Halloween is the one time of year when teens and adults have an unfettered license to have fun – from festive costumes to themed parties,” said Valencia Mitchell, brand director, Fanta. “Fanta stands for fun and variety, and our carefree, spontaneous brand personality makes Halloween the perfect time to connect with consumers and help them add a spark to this already fun holiday.”

'A Visual Treasure Hunt'

Bar, who also designed a limited-edition series of Coca-Cola Mini Cans featuring his original interpretations of six Marvel Super Heroes, has made his mark in the design world through a minimalist approach to visual communication that uses negative space, colour, shape and iconography to create more-than-meets-the-eye images that demand a second look. Coca-Cola Design chose to partner with Bar for the Fanta Halloween project based on his mastery of clever and playful compositions.

Fanta Spooky Packaging
Illustrator Noma Bar works inside his London studio.

“He finds delightful ways of telling mini-stories within a single illustration, which made for the perfect approach for Fanta’s Halloween packaging,” said Michael Gluzman, design lead for Fanta. “We hope people enjoy the boldness of the characters with the vibrant Fanta colours and get a little surprise discovering the details in the illustrations.”

Mitchell adds, “We love how Noma adds the element of discovery to his work. Fans have to get involved to find all of the hidden little visual messages and nuances. It’s like going on a visual treasure hunt."

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