We know how much you love of Fanta Grape, so we’re bringing even more of its delicious taste…

Have you made your own tasty concoction using the Coca-Cola Freestyle machine yet? With over 100 of our drinks available, the possibilities to combine and create a new personal favourite are endless – not to mention delicious.

But here’s a secret: the Freestyle machine does far more than just serve great drinks. It stores data that provides us with new insights into which drinks are the most popular, so we can then give you even more of your favourites.

The Freestyle machine recently told us that Fanta Grape is Fanta’s second most popular flavour in the UK, after classic Fanta Orange. So, we put our thinking hats on and figured out how we can bring its delicious taste to more people. And now we’re pleased to announce our answer.

From February this year, Fanta Grape zero sugar has been launched in the UK. So, to our current fans of flavour and fun, and to those looking to try something different, get ready for an exciting new blast of purple fizz!

Our new Grape zero sugar flavour will be available in select stores from February, and nationwide from the end March in 330ml, 500ml and 2L bottles and multipacks. And, of course, this new flavour will also be served by Coca-Cola Freestyle machines.


Why not #makeyourmouthfunner?

Fanta’s new addition – which is made using natural grape juice – also introduces the brand’s new #MakeYourMouthFunner campaign. To celebrate how Fanta tantalizes your taste buds, we’ve created a new Snapchat filter that lets you quite literally #MakeYourMouthFunner, and capture the spirit of that great grape flavour at the same time.

Fanta Marketing Manager for Flavours and Adults, Rosalind Brown, believes the new flavour is great for not only current Fanta fans: “Grape flavour has proved to be a firm favourite in our Freestyle machines, and we’re excited to permanently add the flavour to the Fanta zero range. We’ve enjoyed introducing an explosion of fruity new variants to the range, which we hope our current fans and those looking to try something new will enjoy.”

Keep an eye out to grab a Fanta and give your mouth the new grape taste!

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