Looking for autumn colour? Here are 10 locations which put on a natural show of vivid colour.

1. Kyoto, Japan

In Japan, the progress of the trees through the seasons has long been meticulously recorded as an important happening. Cherry blossoms appear in Japanese art more than 1,000 years old, and autumn leaves are almost as prevalent.

The Japanese take an active role in watching the trees put on their autumn colour; there, leaf-peeping is known as momijigari, which literally means "hunting for red leaves."

Kyoto, one of the oldest of Asian cities, is filled with temples, parks and rivers that are surrounded by mountains — all which makes for a gorgeous backdrop to the explosion of autumn colour.

2. The Blue Ridge Mountains in Asheville, North Carolina, U.S.

The extreme range in elevation (from 1,500 feet in the valleys to 6,684 feet at Mount Mitchell) means that the Blue Ridge Mountains have one of the longest fall foliage seasons in the world.

According to Dodie Stephens of the Asheville Convention and Visitors Bureau, the tree put on their peak autumn colours in early October — at least in the highest elevations across the Blue Ridge.

"But autumn leaf hunters have a lot of options," says Stephens. "Generally, the colour show can be quite long, as the patchwork travels down the mountains. But Mother Nature does have the last word, so a good tip is to watch the weather and check regional colour reports to maximize a leaf-peeping excursion."

Asheville's tourism office provides weekly colour reports for the region at www.FallintheMountains.com.

3. The Laurentian Mountains in Quebec, Canada

According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, the Laurentian Mountains are one of the oldest mountain regions in the world, consisting of Precambrian rocks more than 540 million years old.

Mont-Tremblant National Park, just an hour-and-a-half from Montreal, boasts an abundance of colour from native birch, beech and maple trees. Autumn colour here generally peaks in October.

4. New Forest, England

Located in southern England, the name "New Forest" is somewhat misleading. The boundaries were drawn in 1079 to mark royal hunting grounds used by William the Conqueror to pursue wild pigs, deer and other "beasts of the chase."

Redwoods, oaks, beech, yew and holly are among the many varieties of evergreen and deciduous trees in the forest, ensuring a contrasting colour explosion in autumn.

To find the best leaves, take a kayak tour along the Beaulieu River, or walk along any the miles of trails that loop through the 219 square miles of designated national park. History buff? There are 621 registered historical structures in the forest, too.

Highland Water flows through a picturesque New Forest autumn scene. Photos courtesy of VisitEngland.

5. Central Otago, New Zealand

With a low annual rainfall and famously extreme temperatures, Central Otago does autumn colours like nowhere else in New Zealand. Exotic trees turn yellow, bright gold and hot orange. Grapevines display rich shades of red. And, on the best of days, it’s all set against a sky of true azure blue.

6. Denali Park, Alaska

Covering 6 million acres, Denali National Park and Preserve has within its borders the tallest peak in North America, Mount McKinley.

According to Bri Gordon of Thompson & Co., the PR firm for the State of Alaska tourism office, Alaska’s autumn colour starts quite early, especially given its northern position and extreme altitudes.

"The foliage is best viewed August through the beginning of October," she says. "Foliage-specific tours mostly take place during September."

Autumn on Denali Highway in Denali National Park and Preserve. Photo by Frank Flavin, courtesy of the State of Alaska

7. Trossach's National Park, Scotland

The beauty of Scotland's Trossach's region inspired Sir Walter Scott's 1810 poem, The Lady of the Lake.

The Trossach's National Park is equally inspired by the literary realm. Puck's Glen Walk, for example, is an enchanting trail named after the Shakespearean fairy from Midsummer's Night Dream. And a self-guided art and literary trail pays homage to many of the creative spirits who have immortalised the area in prose and paint.

8. Paris, France

Paris is known for romance, and few times of the year could be as romantic as autumn. With dozens of parks, Gothic cathedrals, cozy cafes and ancient cemeteries laced with cobblestone paths, the City of Lights is practically made for autumn.

Anglers on St Martin canal. Photo courtesy of Atout France/Michel Angot.

9. Rondane National Park, Norway

Filled with wild reindeer, deep forests and 10 mountain peaks that reach higher than 2,000 meters (6,560 feet), Rondane National Park is a bit of a Nordic wonderland. In autumn, the land comes alive, with colours that create a striking contrast to snow-capped ridges.

10. The Engadine, Switzerland

The Engadine, located in a valley of the Swiss Alps, is at its most beautiful in autumn.

The high mountains surrounding the valley often block weather systems from entering the region, which makes for dry summers. That and plenty of sunshine, coupled with crisp mountain air, means the hills are alive with colour during the autumn.

The Morteratsch glacier in Upper Engadine, with the Bernina Massif in the background.