It’s working. Through 5by20, we strive to empower women entrepreneurs, and in this series of case studies, we’re exploring some of the - success stories from around the world.

Preeti Gupta is a shopkeeper in rural India, near Agra, where the dusty roads of her village are filled with children playing, horses pulling carts and motorbikes zipping by.

Like many local women, Preeti was expected to remain at home and care for her children. But she was determined to give them a chance of a better life, so she and her husband took out loans to open a small shop in their living room, selling grains, snacks, drinks and household supplies.

However, electricity in the area is limited and unreliable; sometimes, Preeti and her family would be without power for days at a time. 

In this video, Preeti explains how a solar-powered cooler has benefitted her business and changed her family’s life:

Preeti’s income and quality of life have improved, which means she can invest in healthcare and education for her family. Her children have an opportunity to get ahead.

"I feel good that I am running this shop along with my husband. I have also gained respect in my family. I desire for my children to go to a good school and make something of themselves." Preeti Gupta, rural shopkeeper, wife and mother of three.