5by20 strives to unleash the entrepreneurial potential of women. 

In this series of case studies, we explore how.

Margaret Kungu (known locally as Mama Njeri) owns a 25-acre farm in Kenya. In the past – like lots of small farmers – Mama struggled to find a steady supply of buyers willing to pay a fair price for her fresh produce. 

Project Nurture (a 4 year pilot run by The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and TechnoServe in Kenya and Uganda  develops local sourcing for mango and passion fruits and juices in Kenya and Uganda. This in turn benefits local farmers, the local fruit market and the Coca-Cola supply chain.

Farmers (of which 30% are women) get access to financial services and training in sustainable farming. 

Local farmers learn how to use their collective bargaining power and economies of scale to increase incomes and quality of life. Mama also uses her farm to train her neighbours, demonstrate good agricultural practices and serve as an example to other women