5by20 strives to unleash the entrepreneurial potential of women.

In this series of case studies, we explore the impact on entrepreneurs such as Laly Mathebula. 

In Johannesburg, South Africa, Laly has turned her late husband’s small butchers into a booming business. 

Laly is a true entrepreneur, and we have been able to help her realise her vision. We helped Laly to refurbish the restaurant area of the butchery with branded signs, a big flat-screen TV, tables, chairs and more. Since the refurbishment, she has sold more than 50 cases of Coca-Cola each week (she used to sell closer to 10).

Now Joe's Butchery plays an important role in Laly’s community, regularly hosting everything from women’s business groups to family reunions. It’s even been used for album launches and music video shoots.

Laly has become a role model for women in her area, and plans to sell franchises of her business to neighbouring towns, so they can benefit from the same success she’s had.  

With her best friend, she’s created a network for fellow female entrepreneurs to share what they’ve learned. They also offer short term loans to help women get started in business – with any interest earned used to pay for an annual celebration for the women and their families.