Last autumn, East met West on the London Fashion Week catwalk as Ashley Williams' Coke-inspired Spring/Summer 2015 line hit the runway.

The show marked the young designer's hotly anticipated debut since emerging as they runaway success of Fashion East. This season's collection, available now in select stores, is set amidst the Age of Aquarius— the revolutionary spirit that gripped the world in the 1960s as Western visual influences flowed into Asia, marrying Orient and Occident in a vibrant new aesthetic culture.

To bind the East and West influences and break down the cultural design barriers in her collection, Williams' partnered with Coca-Cola. Coke's global brand recognition gave William's the universal connection she was looking for.

"The partnership with Coke helped link all the collection pieces together as it became the subversive graphics that correlated across the East and West themes," says Williams.

Marsha Schroeder, Global Licensing manager at Coca-Cola , agrees. "Ashley Williams is one of the hottest designers working in fashion today," she said. "The inspiration she took from the way cultures influence each other across fashion and lifestyle resulted in a collection that beautifully celebrates the ubiquity of Coca-Cola and reinforces the role Coca-Cola has played in pop culture around the world.”

Williams says Coca-Cola's script branding fit perfectly with the type of graphics she enjoys using. With Coke's influence, the rising fashion star restyled nostalgic silhouettes and shapes from the past with a modern twist. Attendees at London Fashion Week watched as the duality of East and West were drawn together in playful, girly multi-layered tea dresses with over-sized collars.

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