In the spirit of romance, we take a fond look back at some of the love stories we’ve been privileged to be part of over the years. From popping the question on the Coca-Cola London Eye to spelling out ‘will you marry me’ with bottles, these proposals show how the love of Coca-Cola just has a way of bringing people together.

Big wheel, big love

Valentine's Day

A delighted Colin and Kerry, newly engaged on the Coca-Cola London Eye.

A private capsule on the Coca-Cola London Eye, gliding through the air with the Thames at sunset spread out below you. Could it be the most romantic proposal setting ever? Colin McAlpine arranged this exact thing when he proposed to Kerry Borthwick, and needless to say it was a huge success. Both long-term Coca-Cola GB employees, Colin and Kerry met at work, so it was only fitting that Coca-Cola played a role in the next chapter of their love story.

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One-of-a-kind bridal bottles

Love Story

The happy couple, in shrink-wrapped form.

Daniel Morris is one of the Coke Collectors who helped make our London Collector’s Fair a success in 2016. He’s been collecting shrink-wrapped bottles for over 15 years, and wanted Coca-Cola to play a role in his wedding celebrations. He and his wife had their picture printed on Coca-Cola bottles which were given to guests during the reception dinner. “After some persuasive emails, Coke made us bottles for all our guests as place settings,” Daniel remembers. Today, the bottles are treasured mementoes of their big day.

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Ingenious proposals

Message on a bottle

Message on some bottles: What Eloise saw when she opened the fridge.

Donnie and Eloise made social media waves with their proposal story. Donnie had been looking out for ‘Eloise’ Share a Coke bottles at the supermarket where he worked, because his girlfriend could never find her name on the shelves. Then he discovered he could order personalised glass Share a Coke bottles online. One delivery later, he had ‘Will’, ‘You’, ‘Marry’ and ‘Me’, along with ‘Beautiful’ and ‘Eloise’. He arranged them in the fridge, and when Eloise opened the door to get some milk, she saw the message. The finishing touch was an engagement ring presented as the ‘ice’ in a Coca-Cola glass.

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Wil and Trunshedda from Atlanta, USA also had a Share a Coke moment when Wil proposed over Coke floats at the Coca-Cola Company’s Atlanta headquarters where he works. Settling down with Trunshedda at the bar, he ordered their drinks, then turned the bottles around to reveal the words ‘Marry’ and ‘Me’. Not only was Trunshedda surprised and delighted, there was a group of friends and Coca-Cola colleagues standing behind them waiting to share the celebrations.

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Truck-stop love


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The Coca-Cola Christmas Truck Tour generates feel-good moments wherever it goes, so it’s no surprise that we’ve had several proposals over the years. The 2016 tour saw two UK couples agree to tie the knot. In Scarborough, Steven proposed to Alice via a Twitter message projected on the side of the truck. We asked him up on stage, along with Alice and their little son, where he got down on one knee and asked her in person, to a round of applause from the crowd.

In Swindon, David asked Sophie to marry him with a tweet. When the message lit up on the side of the truck, the couple embraced, and we knew Sophie’s muffled reply had been a positive one when her friends began shouting and tweeting ‘She said yes!!!’. Amid the excitement, our truck driver Paul kept a level head, saying calmly: ‘That’s good.’

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