When it comes to creating premium tonic waters and mixers, Schweppes has more than 200 years of experience in the business. So it comes as no surprise that it’s the nation’s favourite tonic1, and is set to launch a brand new marketing campaign to celebrate its rich heritage. 

Invented by Jacob Schweppes in 1783, Schweppes makes up one of the 18 brands and several of the 80 drinks we offer here at Coca-Cola Great Britain. Jacob Schweppes is credited with finding the first practical way for manufacturers to bottle carbonated (sparkling) mineral water, which was based on a process discovered only thirteen years earlier by Joseph Priestly.

This year Schweppes will launch its biggest marketing campaign in 20 years, which will include a bold new brand identity. The new look will feature across the entire Schweppes range, and includes new packaging across its 1L mixers range.

The new design incorporates a sleek black background with the recognisable Schweppes yellow accents, and is designed to complement the brand’s distinctive personality and remind fans of its long-standing heritage as the 'creator of bubbles since 1783'. Fans of Schweppes Citrus Blend will also be delighted as the popular variant returns under a new name, Schweppes Russchian.

Look out for the new marketing campaign in-store, online and around town with our posters and adverts, and let us know what you think. And, if you’re feeling particularly adventurous try making these five Schweppes mocktails!

1 Schweppes is the #1 branded product for tonic water. Based on Nielsen volume and value MAT 06.03.16