As part of its #RefreshingStuff campaign, Oasis has launched special packaging that's optimised for the social media 'face swapping' phenomenon. Find out how you can win a limited edition bottle!

These days you can face swap your friend, your favourite celebrity or even your cat. But what about your favourite drink? No problem. Oasis has just created the world's first ever* face swappable bottle...

Using any face swap app (Snapchat springs to mind) fans can replace their faces with a fruity alternative, allowing them to take centre stage on the front of an iconic Oasis Summer Fruits bottle. Because, why not?

How to win an Oasis face-swappable bottle

On the 5th December, head over to the Oasis Facebook page.

You'll find a post with more details explanining how to win one of the limited edition bottles. Just make sure you tweet us a pic @Oasis_Drinks

*They think