Famous for singing, playing ukulele and shoving marshmallows in her mouth (her words, not ours), Dodie is the star of her own YouTube channel and earlier this year helped launch CokeTV as one of our presenters. In this interview she talks about life on set, jumping out of a plane, and meeting superstar Rita Ora.

How did filming go today?
Filming went great. It was an early start this morning. I set my alarm for 20 minutes before the car was meant to get here because the night before I thought ‘you can do it, you can totally just get ready in 20 minutes’. Bad idea, the guy was waiting outside for ages.

Oh dear! Did you still make it on time?
Yeah, but I’m a little bit ill today and feeling a bit rough. But everyone’s so nice, and the make-up artist is incredible so she made me look like I’m not ill, but really I very much am. [Coughs] That was such a pathetic cough!

I feel for you. What did today’s shoot involve?
We did promo shots and video intros for the opening credits, as Jake has joined us as a new presenter, so we’re all just dancing around and having fun. It’s weird because this is the stuff that you do in your bedroom as a teenager!

Tell us a bit about doddleoddle, your YouTube channel.
I’m a musician, so I make videos about my life and my experiences, as well as things I learn. I create stuff as well. I just put everything online really. And I have my nice little audience of people who watch me.

What are your fans like?
I like to think of them as little cosy family, because we all get along very well. I guess Coca-Cola Great Britain saw that and that’s why they wanted to work with me on CokeTV. Growing up I was actually more of a fan girl – a 16-year-old, excitable teenager who didn’t really understand that YouTubers and celebrities were human beings, and then I started to make some videos and get my own tiny audience.

What does a typical day look like for you?
Honestly, it changes so much. If it’s a day when I can stay at home and work on my music or videos I’ll try and get up early. Probably about 9am. That’s early for me! Have a nice breakfast, get ready and then I’ll probably wear some comfy clothes and work on an idea. But in-between those days there’s loads of events, meetings, shoots and gigs. So it’s quite hectic. I’ve tried getting into a schedule but there’s just no point. I don’t even know what day it is today.

Can you make a video in one day?
You definitely can, if you’re lucky. Maybe in four or five hours if you’re really quick and precise. But usually if you want to make something good it can take a few days, even a week. But that’s just my content, everyone’s different.

What do you enjoy most about presenting for CokeTV?
The people. I really like the crew. We’re all good friends and we do have a laugh. We’re all in this together, and we want to make something good. It’s so interesting to see how all the different roles intertwine together.

What’s been the most exciting episode?
So when we went into the first stage meetings for CokeTV we all sat around the table and we were discussing ideas for what we could do for each episode. Water sports, graffiti and all this fun stuff came up, and then someone mentioned skydiving. I put my foot down and I said that is the one thing I will not do. I will absolutely not jump out of a plane. But when I saw the parachutes coming down I thought it looked like so much fun. So we went up in the plane and I did it. I started bawling because the clouds looked so beautiful, but I was just so blown away by how gorgeous the view was. It was such an emotional day!

Who have you enjoyed working with most?
I did meet Rita Ora for the launch of Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, but my favourite episodes have been the ones where I’m working with my friends, because it’s so much fun to show them what I do.

Who would you like to see in a CokeTV episode?
This is the weirdest answer, which I never thought I’d say, but Nathan Lane. He was in the movie Mousehunt, and The Producers. I feel like he’d be a laugh. I reckon he’d be really funny. We could do some sort of Broadway musical episode – that would be great. Damn, that would be so good.

Aside from a musical episode, what else would you like to film?
Well I’ve done quite a few exciting and strenuous things recently, so maybe the next one could be a relaxing episode. Maybe a spa day, massage and a glass of Coca-Cola Zero Sugar! That would be nice! Maybe somewhere in a nice hot country.

Have you learnt any new skills while presenting for CokeTV?
Yes! I’ve noticed how much better my memory is in terms of remembering scripts, and also thinking on the spot and improvising. I remember struggling to remember my lines at first, and panicking when you can’t think of anything else to say. But it’s like a muscle and exercising that part of my brain. It’s helped with meeting new people, starting conversations and performing on stage.

What can you tell us about CokeTV that not many people know?
We all secretly love the theme tune – we keep singing it. [Sings ‘Taste the Feeling’]

Lastly, how would you describe CokeTV in three words?
Three words!? Oh my gosh. I would say not spontaneous, because it’s obviously planned. Maybe unbelievable? As you never know what’s coming. No, um…

Yes! That’s a great word. Unpredictable. And banter-full. I cannot believe I just said that word. Just full of bants and madness. And then fulfilling, because I’ve done so much I never would have done if it wasn’t for CokeTV, so I’m really grateful.

Catch the latest episode of CokeTV on YouTube now.