Terms and Conditions

  1. Coca-Cola Tattoo Studio is open to the public on Tuesday 6th February 2018, between the hours of 11am and 7pm.
  2. Free permanent and non-permanent tattoos are available to any adult over the age of 70.
  3. Proof of age is required (in the form of a driving licence or passport), in accordance with the 1969 Tattooing of a Minor Act.
  4. Tattoo placement available on arms or legs. Cloak & Dagger will not tattoo anyone’s hands, neck or face. Other areas of the body are available at the artist’s discretion.
  5. A selection of 16 tattoos will be available to eligible adults on Tuesday 6th February between 11am-7pm. Small bespoke designs are available at the artist’s discretion.
  6. Visitors will be allocated a 30-minute slot, on a first come first served basis.
  7. Strictly no one under the age of 18 is allowed in the studio.
  8. Candidates should avoid drinking alcohol 24 hours prior to tattooing. Anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs we will be asked to leave the tattoo parlour.
  9. All adults visiting the Coca-Cola Tattoo Studio will be required to sign a consent form that ensures they understand and consent to the risks associated with permanent tattooing. Also, it has been known in some people the following can occur, and no liability will be accepted - infections, ink loss, ink fading, allergic reactions, and dryness of the tattoo.
  10. Please be aware that adults will be required to undertake a full consultation prior to the permanent tattooing service, during which you must declare all medical conditions and any medication to the artist. We are unable to offer tattoos to adults with the following conditions set out below, and by signing our consent form you verify that you do not have any of these conditions:
            HIV / AIDS
            Hepatitis A, B or C
            High / Low Blood Pressure
            Heart Problems
            Latex Allergy
  11. If it is deemed unsafe to commence continue with the procedure, the Cola-Cola Tattoo Studio will not accept any liability or costs incurred as a result of your visit to the tattoo parlour.
  12. Visitors will be given full aftercare advice during the consultation and post tattooing. Visitors accept full responsibility for the aftercare of their tattoo, upon leaving the Coca-Cola Tattoo Studio.
  13. The Coca-Cola Tattoo Studio reserves the right to refuse service for any reason.
  14. Please be aware that tattooing is an irreversible procedure which involves the use of disposable needles. Although extreme care will be taken in producing a satisfactory reproduction of the flash designs, please be advised that you are relying on the artist’s interpretation & capabilities of replicating the desired artwork.