We know the small American town of Hawkins, Indiana is the home of Stranger Things. However, for one day only, those creepy happenings are headed to East London…

To celebrate the upcoming third season of the hit show, Coca-Cola and Netflix are partnering to launch a Stranger Things-themed pop-up Arcade in Shoreditch on the Eleven(th) of July. The event will transport fans back Hawkins to experience its famous arcade, with the chance to play the original nostalgic video games featured in the series.

Not only will guests have the opportunity to play some 80s gaming classics, you’ll be able to enjoy Stranger Things photo moments, whilst taking your fill of Coca-Cola zero sugar! But of course, it wouldn’t be Hawkins without some strange goings on…

Our arcade will also be home to a secret upside-down world, which will only be revealed to those with a well-trained Stranger Things eye. The first 800 visitors to the hidden upside-down world will be given a limited-edition Coca Cola x Stranger Things upside-down can in reward for their expertise. That alone is reason enough to swot up and binge-watch the whole thing again – or even watch it fresh, if you haven’t already (shame on you).

So, what’s with the collaboration? Fittingly, to answer that question we’ll have to journey back to 1985.

Not only is this the setting of Stranger Things’ third season, it is also when we launched a now infamous new drink: “New Coke”. For those who can’t remember that far back, New Coke was a reformulated Coca-Cola, which, it’s safe to say, didn’t go down too well with our loyal fans. New Coke received a huge consumer backlash and led to calls for original Coca-Cola to return, which it did in the form of classic Coca-Cola ­– as we still know it today.

New Coke was a real hot topic in America during the summer of 1985. So, its story will of course be interwoven into Stranger Things 3, which lands on Netflix on 4 July.

The arcade opens its doors from 11am - 9pm on 11 July at Shop 4, Brick Lane, Spitalfields, E1 6QR. Entry to the arcade, play and refreshments will all be free, and guests will be provided with Coca-Cola x Stranger Things tokens to play the arcade games.

We’re looking forward to travelling back to 1985 with you. We promise not to bring any “New Coke” with us…

Can’t wait for series three to hit your screen? Hear more about our Stranger Things partnership here.