When most people buy a can of Coca‑Cola from a shop or newsagent in the UK, they expect their drink to be refreshingly chilled. That’s why Coca-Cola European Partners have over 200,000 pieces of cooling equipment in the UK, including fridges, vending machines and dispenser systems in bars and restaurants.

This refrigeration equipment is one of the largest elements of their carbon footprint and they're currently taking action to develop more climate-friendly cooling solutions.

Saving energy
The Coca‑Cola system has developed and licensed an 'Energy Management Device' for our coolers. The 'smart' device actually 'learns' store and shopping patterns using motion detectors and switches in the door:

  • Two hours prior to shop openings, the cold drinks equipment adjusts to the optimum product temperature
  • After the shop closes, the equipment switches into standby mode
  • The equipment is never turned ‘off’- the smart technology simply controls the temperature and lighting to minimise energy consumption

This technology helps cut energy use by an average of 25%.

Did you know? Coca-Cola European Partners are replacing the fluorescent lighting in their fridges with LED lights, which are 80 per cent more efficient.

They are also currently retrofitting glass doors onto open-fronted coolers. This results in a reduction in energy usage of around 50 per cent.

Fewer greenhouse gases
The Coca-Cola Company only buys refrigeration equipment with HFC-free insulation. In 2014 we installed our one millionth HFC-free cooler worldwide - and we're also making progress towards our goal to transition to equipment that uses HFC-free refrigerant fluids in all new purchases by 2015. This was originally a company commitment made in 2009 by The Coca‑Cola Company Chairman & CEO Muhtar Kent with the support of Greenpeace International. A similar goal was then adopted by the Consumer Goods Forum (a CEO-level organisation of 400 global consumer goods manufacturers and retailers) in 2010 in an even broader initiative to phase out the use of refrigerant gases with high global warming potential.

Disposing of our old equipment
The Coca-Cola Company has programmes in place to dispose of refrigeration equipment responsibly. This prevents refrigerant gases such as HFCs (hydrofluorocarbons) - which are potent greenhouse gases - from escaping into the atmosphere.

Leading the way
The Coca-Cola Company has formed the Refrigerants, Naturally! partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), Greenpeace, Unilever and McDonald's. Together we are working to encourage the refrigeration industry and our peer companies to help us do more in years to come.