Over the years consumer taste, preference and lifestyles have changed, and with that so has Coca‑Cola, innovating to include a range of lower sugar and no calorie alternatives, each with their own identity. But recent research has shown that not everyone understands the options available to them and the benefits of each drink, which is why Coca-Cola Great Britain are introducing a new “one brand” strategy to help make choice easier and simpler.

From May in Great Britain our three colas will be marketed under one brand – Coca‑Cola – allowing Diet Coke and Coca‑Cola Zero Sugar to benefit from its widespread appeal. We’ll be promoting the different characteristics of each variant, as well as giving black, silver and green colours a greater presence in Coca‑Cola advertising. The strategy will also play an important part in the Coca-Cola system’s goal to achieve more than 50% of Coca‑Cola sales from lower or no calorie colas in Great Britain by 2020.

Did you know? Five out of ten people don't know that Coca-Cola Zero Sugar is a no sugar, no calorie drink.

“With our new ‘one brand’ approach, we are uniting three distinct brands under the umbrella of Coca‑Cola. We believe our no and lower sugar variants will benefit from this closer association with Coca‑Cola Classic and that featuring all variants in our advertising will make clear to more consumers the full choice we offer them.” Jon Woods, General Manager of Coca‑Cola Great Britain & Ireland

6 changes we're making:

• Coca‑Cola advertising will show our full range of colas
• Coca‑Cola TV ads will feature all three variants in the final frame
Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP) packaging will clearly highlight the benefits of each variant
• The branding on every Coca‑Cola can and bottle will be in the same style, with different colours to distinguish each variant
• In 2015, we’re doubling our marketing spend for our lower and no sugar and calorie colas
• It’s the first time The Coca-Cola Company’s sponsorship of a major international sporting event - Rugby World Cup 2015 – will promote all three variants, and champion Coca‑Cola with zero calories
• The instantly recognisable Spencerian script will be used across all 330ml Coca‑Cola cans, which will also feature the UK Government’s front-of-pack labelling scheme, combining nutrient amounts and percentage Reference Intakes with colour-coding. Which pack will you choose?

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