Last summer, we partnered with Amazon Fresh to give our fans a new way to get their hands on their favourite Coca-Cola drinks. We caught up with Nikki Sale, Senior Manager eCommerce & Digital Shopper Marketing at Coca-Cola Great Britain, to see how the partnership has developed over the past year.

If online shopping was pretty big last year, it’s a full­­-on giant now. When our partnership with Amazon first started in summer 2016, after 18-months of busy planning, we offered a wide range of our drinks to shoppers in Greater London using the Amazon Fresh platform. Today, our brands are available on four different Amazon services, across desktop, mobile and tablet.

From Fresh, to Pantry and Now

Today, our drinks are still available on Amazon Fresh. But now, customers using Amazon Pantry and Amazon Prime Now (which can deliver to some locations in as little as 2 hours) can also purchase drinks from our growing list of brands. And, as Nikki explains, having our drinks on these different Amazon platforms is great for fans who love choice.

“Thanks to these platforms, we’re able to meet the varied needs of our consumers. Nowadays, people don’t want things tomorrow, they want them today, and thanks to these quick, efficient services, we can meet that need.” 

“Amazon are such a unique partner for us to work with. It’s exciting to see what the future holds”
– Nikki Sale

Jon Davitt, Amazon Strategic Sales Manager, echoes Nikki’s thoughts on the benefits of the partnership.

“The Coca-Cola and Amazon Media Group partnership has been a great collaboration on how we are working together to understand customer engagement across new ecommerce grocery platforms, using data to drive targeted reach and scale, but also sales through display and video media to continuously improve performance.”

It’s been a busy 12 months for Nikki and our partnership with Amazon, but it’s been a year of highlights.

GLACÉAU Smartwater’s loyal fanbase

Since it first hit the market, GLACÉAU Smartwater has had a fantastic, loyal fanbase. Over the past year, this fanbase has shown the vapour-distilled water a lot of love on Amazon.

Smartwater has been popular on both Amazon Fresh and Amazon Pantry, and we’ve recently gone live with Smartwater Sparkling on the platforms as well. Today, Smartwater is one of the bestselling waters in Great Britain on Amazon.

Smartwater Sparkling making its Amazon Pantry debut

And all this interest means a lot of reviews… including some pretty interesting ones. Nikki shows us some of them, with this being a particular highlight: “I rave about this water so often I’ve been accused of working advertisement for them!”

Talking of advertisements…

Diet Coke gets the gang on Amazon

Earlier this year, Diet Coke ran its ‘Get The Gang Back Together’ campaign. You may have seen it on TV, on social media or here on Journey. The campaign was also supported on Amazon, with a variety of ads popping up for fans of Diet Coke to make them aware of the campaign, and to let them know they have a new way of purchasing their favourite Coca-Cola drink.

Ads supporting the ‘Get The Gang Back Together’ campaign popped up on your Amazon homepage

Throughout the campaign, Diet Coke became even more popular on Amazon than ever before, especially on Amazon Fresh where it became one of our bestsellers. The gang well and truly got together on Amazon.

Shining a light on this summer’s campaign

More recently, you may have spotted ads across all the Amazon platforms, and even a unique landing page on Prime Now, dedicated to this summer’s ‘Share A Coke’ campaign and competition.

The dedicated ‘Coca-Cola Summer’ Prime Now page

The different Amazon platforms not only gave fans a range of ways to buy their favourite drinks, they provided a whole host of ways to try and win a dream holiday.

One of the ads running on Amazon Fresh in support of this summer’s big campaign

For the first time this year we were also the main partner across Amazon Fresh, Amazon Pantry and Prime Now on Prime Day – a one-day-only global shopping event for Prime members. Led by Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, Coca-Cola European Partners ran an online sampling campaign alongside this huge discount day to share our drinks with Amazon Prime fans.

It’s safe to say it’s been a busy year, and moving forward, we expect our relationship with Amazon to continue to grow, as Nikki explains: “Amazon are such a unique partner for us to work with. They’ve got so many different parts to their business, with groceries still such a small, growing part, it’s exciting to see what the future holds.”