Hundreds of people came together in East London this week to create a giant living pinboard for Coca-Cola's Choose Happiness campaign. The idea was to inspire people to post, peg and pin whatever makes them happy. Watch the video and check out the happy messages, images, artwork and notes that decorated Truman Brewery in Brick Lane.

The dynamic pinboard was inspired by Coca-Cola GB's Happiness Study that suggests UK adults could take inspiration from the next generation on how to be happier.

The cultural study found that although young people in the UK are often portrayed as moody and obsessed with instant gratification, they are in fact leading the way in the pursuit of happiness. The research also highlighted that Generation Z do small, multiple and attainable things to increase their happiness levels, including ‘pinning and posting’ their happiness in the real and digital worlds. Whether on their bedroom wall or social feeds, Generation Z tend to surround themselves with what makes them happy.

Beth Reekles, teen and young adult author and expert on the study said: “Generation Z are out there creating opportunities and taking responsibility for our own happiness. I hope Coca-Cola’s living pinboard in East London today encourage adults to take inspiration from young adults and appreciate that happiness is an active choice that they can make in their lives.”