Celebrating the people who make the Premier League the best in the world

Football just got bigger. This season, three new clubs – Aston Villa, Norwich City and Sheffield United – and their fans – will be able to say, "We’re Premier League".  

And, to kick-off the new season, we’re celebrating the players and fans who make the Premier League the best in the world – this time by rolling out the carpet for the three newly promoted clubs. That’s right, they’ve not only reached top flight football, but made it into our very own Premier League ad!

Check it out below:

Celebrating new teams, faces and iconic football moments

To welcome the three clubs’ return to the top flight, we decided to unite the League’s past and present in our new, refreshed ‘Where Everyone Plays’ TV ad.

Brian Deane of Sheffield United, who scored the first ever goal in the Premier League, made an appearance, stopping by a local bar to surprise some excited fans. Meanwhile, Aston Villa fans decided to show their support by getting the ‘Grealish Barnet’ haircut, naturally. It’s all set to Yazoo’s – Only You, and shows exactly why the Premier League is the most exciting and diverse league in the world.

The ad, which brings together some 250 or so fans across all 20 clubs in total – the weekend regulars who make the game what it is today – also includes some of football’s most famous fans. You might’ve recognised one die-hard Norwich City supporter...

Celebrating new season with a slice of Delia Smith’s famous fish pie.

‘The Delia Effect’

What better way to mark Norwich City’s return than with a rallying cry? TV cook and long-standing Norwich City supporter and director, Delia Smith, gave us one of the most iconic moments of football in 2005, becoming the club’s most vocal supporter to date. So it’s no surprise to see her make it into an ad that’s all about the power of football to unite people over their love for the beautiful game. 

What might surprise you though, is our slightly fishy twist on the celebrity cameo formula. After all, what better way to celebrate than over some good food? Especially if it’s Delia’s famous fish pie.

Reminiscing about the infamous rally cry, Delia says: “It’s almost 15 years since that game against Manchester City, but the fans haven’t forgotten! It was a spontaneous, emotional appeal from the heart to get behind the team and shows the power of football to unite.” Looking forward, “It’s a privilege to be involved in such a big celebration of football communities with Coca-Cola. So, to the 2019/20 season: LET’S BE ‘AVIN’ YOU!”

The fans really are what makes the Premier League.

Let the season commence!

“Coca-Cola has always been a passionate supporter of football,” says Kris Robbens, Marketing Director at Coca-Cola Great Britain and Ireland, “so we’re excited to celebrate three new clubs to the league ahead of the launch of what looks set to be another action-packed season.”

“Football has this incredible power to bring people of all ages, backgrounds and cultures together, united by the love for their team and the game, and these fans are at the heart of our campaign.” 

Want to keep up with the action? Head over to coca-cola.co.uk/premierleague for all the latest as the season progresses.