This Christmas Coca-Cola GB will be working with FareShare to help vulnerable people get a good meal, and keep surplus food and drink from going to waste. Find out how your photo can help the cause.

From now until the end of the year, we’re donating 25p to FareShare every time you snap a picture of your promotional Coca-Cola bottle and upload it to

What is FareShare?

FareShare is a UK-wide charity that tackles hunger and food waste by redistributing good food that would otherwise go to waste, to frontline charities and community groups that support vulnerable people – including homeless shelters, older people’s lunch clubs, and domestic violence refuges. These organisations transform the food into nutritious meals, which they provide alongside life-changing support.

Coca-Cola and FareShare

We’ve been working with FareShare since 2014 to distribute surplus mislabeled or unsellable drinks from across our range. They all still taste great and are safe to drink but we just can’t sell these for a number of reasons. That might be because there’s a small error on the label or packaging or the product is nearing its best before date.

We provide these to FareShare who redistribute them to frontline charities and community groups alongside a wide range of mostly fresh produce, reducing our food waste and benefitting thousands of people in need across the UK. In 2015, £100,000 worth of drinks were redistributed through FareShare. This Christmas we’re going a step further to help raise awareness of their work and donate thousands of meals to people in need.

“We have been working in partnership with Coca-Cola for the last two years, to make best use of their surplus stock within our food redistribution network," said Lindsay Boswell, CEO of FareShare.

"This on-pack campaign is an exciting development to our partnership, that will not only raise awareness of FareShare and the lifeline we provide to charities working with hungry and vulnerable people, but will also raise vital funds to support our operation, helping us to redistribute more food to more people in need.”

What’s the situation?

People in the UK are going hungry, even though there’s plenty of spare food. In 2016, 8.4 million people in the UK, equivalent to the entire population of London, struggled to afford a meal. At the same time the UK food and drink industry produced 270,000 tons of edible surplus, enough for 650 million meals.

25p = one meal

25p is how much it costs FareShare to redistribute enough food for a frontline charity to serve up one meal for someone in need. FareShare provides charities and community groups with a wide variety of mostly fresh produce, including meat, fish, poultry, fruit and veg, dairy products and drinks. The funds donated through this campaign will directly benefit a range of vulnerable people, like disadvantaged children, people who are homeless, elderly people or families that struggle to put food on the table due to financial hardship.

How do I take part?

1. Buy a Coke bottle with the FareShare logo
2. Take a photo of the side of the bottle showing the FareShare logo
3. Upload it to
4. Repeat for as many days as you like until 31 December 2016

You’ll find the FareShare logo on 500ml and 1.25ltr promotional bottles of Coca-Cola Classic, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, Diet Coke and Coca-Cola Life. You can upload one picture every day, so get snapping!

Find out more about the work FareShare do in the UK.