We’ve teamed up with 5by20 upcycling artisan Sarah Turner to turn plastic Coca-Cola bottles into festive Christmas decorations. Follow our step-by-step video to make one at home.

You’ll need:

5 x 500ml Coca-Cola bottles
1 x A4 sheet of paper
Sticky tape
Glue gun
Spray paint
Nail polish

Start off by washing your Coca-Cola bottles and removing both the labels and bottle caps – these can be recycled or used for extra decorations.

When you’ve washed and dried the bottles, take them outside for spray painting.

Spray paint:

One bottle red – this will be the Christmas tree base
Four bottles green – these will be main body of the tree
Two bottle ends silver – these will form our tree-topping star

Allow the bottles to dry on some newspaper.

Cut the red bottle on the upper label line. Try to cut as evenly as possible so your Christmas tree has a steady base.

Cut the four green bottles to varying heights, depending on how tall you want your Christmas tree to be.

Then cut 10 petal shapes into each one. When flattened out, these will form the branches.

Cut the silver bottle ends down to about 1cm. These are fiddly so be careful when cutting!

Now you have all your pieces, you just need to assemble them.

Roll a sheet of A4 paper lengthways and secure with sticky tape.

Place the paper roll into the neck of the red bottle base, then stack your branches on top.

Use the glue gun to add glue to the back of your stars and stick them back-to-back to the top of the paper tube.

Add some little details to your tree, such as white highlights to the star and snowy tips to the ends of the branches.

You can also add extra decorations using the discarded bottle caps and labels, or create other bottle trees in different colours and shapes.

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