To celebrate Pride 2018, Coca-Cola Great Britain will be showcasing a scene from the iconic Coca-Cola Zero Sugar ad, ‘Mr. Hadley’, across the Piccadilly Circus sign. A full version will run online, which will include the lead actor’s touching story on his close connection to the LGBT+ community.

As a long-term supporter of the LGBT+ community, we’re thrilled to announce the release of our new short film that goes behind the scenes of ‘First Taste’ – the Coca-Cola Zero Sugar ad released earlier this year, featuring thrill-seeking octogenarian Mr. Hadley.

Inclusivity and open-mindedness
During the original advert, Mr. Hadley is inspired by his first-ever taste of Coca-Cola Zero Sugar to try a whole range of new things. He breaks free from his retirement home and experiences his first Pride parade.

“We have a number of exciting activities, including a takeover of our iconic Piccadilly Sign, which all aim to inspire and enable people to come together.”  – Alec Mellor, Marketing Manager at Coca-Cola Great Britain

A touching story
Going behind the scenes, the new 45-second film released by Coca-Cola is narrated by Nicolas Coster, the actor who played Mr. Hadley in the advert. Dedicated to the memory of his son, Ian – who was part of the LGBT+ community – Nicolas shares a personal and touching story about Ian, who tragically passed away two years ago at the age of 26. Nicolas hopes the film will help to encourage even a slight increase of tolerance in the world.

Showcased on the Piccadilly sign
The specially-created Pride ads will be showcased across the brand’s iconic Piccadilly sign during London Pride, between 4-11 July 2018.

Official Pride sponsor
Plus, Coca-Cola is an official sponsor of Pride Brighton – which takes place between 3-5 August. Coca-Cola will be giving away free Coca-Cola Zero Sugar drinks at both the London and Brighton Prides.

Bringing people together
“We’re pleased to be supporting this year’s Pride,” says Alec Mellor, Marketing Manager at Coca-Cola Great Britain. “Coca-Cola has always valued diversity and equality – both internally in the business as well as externally in our marketing.

“Pride is an important opportunity to celebrate these values, as well as to share the touching story of our very own Mr. Hadley.”

Pool Boy
The release of the film follows a number of diverse advertisements that aim to inspire inclusivity and equality, including Pool Boy.  One of Coca-Cola’s most popular ads to date, it showed a brother and sister competing for the attention of the pool boy, only to be beaten by a surprising member of the family…

Limited-edition ‘Love’ cans
Coca-Cola has also launched limited-edition ‘Love’ cans in Australia which supported marriage equality by spelling out ‘love’ across two cans.

Coca-Cola x INvolve
Coca-Cola Great Britain is also proud to announce our partnership with the INvolve network (encompassing OUTstanding, EMpower and HERoes) which helps companies harness LGBT+, ethnic minority and female talent and foster inclusive cultures. The partnership will help Coca-Cola nurture and develop its diverse talent pipeline by celebrating role models and driving positive change.

Watch the original Mr. Hadley Coca-Cola Zero Sugar ad: ‘First Taste’