The most depressing day of the year is upon us, Blue Monday. It's the climax of feeling cold, being broke and having nothing to look forward to which makes this one of the most miserable mornings of the month. To help you beat the January blues, Coca-Cola Journey has created a list of the 10 best feel-good stories from last year, which are guaranteed to turn that frown upside down :)

10. Jess Glynne Takes The Coca-Cola Happiness Interview

9. 7 Reasons Pets Make Us Happy (And Healthly)

8. Is This The World's Happiest Picture?

7. A Giant Living Pin Board Captures Moments of Happiness

6. 10 Best Cosplay Pics From League of Legends 2015 World Championship

5. Fanta & MTV Trick or Treat Their Halloween Competition Winner

Ahh! Mernie Llewelyn's winning entry from the Fanta & MTV Halloween competition. 

4. YouTube Stars Joe Sugg, Caspar Lee and Jim Chapman Celebrate Happiness Week

3. Truck Driver Matt Smith Becomes The First Member of Public To Drive the Coca-Cola Christmas Truck

2. How Two Mothers Helped Their Sons Become World-Class Special Olympics Athletes

1. Capital Breakfast Radio Presenters Dave Berry & Lisa Snowdon Take The Coca-Cola Happiness Interview