Ever wondered what our festive ads looked like before ‘Holidays Are Coming’ became a classic? We’ve gone back to the 1950s and retrieved four British ads from our archives. Enjoy.

Christmas calls for cartons of Coke – 1958

Whether you’re having a festive party with friends or a break in a busy day, Coca-Cola is the ‘cheerful lift’ you need. And Santa likes it too.

Coca-Cola Christmas – 1958

A family of four sledges down a hill, making a pitstop for a Coke before sliding right up in front of their fireplace.

The Santa doll – 1958

In this ad we meet the Santa doll who went on to become a collector’s item. Do you have one? Cool.

Coke bottles go carol singing – 1959

As the 1950s draw to a close, four Coca-Cola contour bottles donning festive headgear serenade you into the season from the middle of a snowstorm.