London is a busy city, packed with ambitious millennials with equally busy lives. But, for some, it can sometimes feel that there aren’t enough hours in the day.

Between commuting, brainstorming ideas at work, attending 9am meetings, dragging yourself to the gym, and attempting to maintain a social life, daily life can be pretty hectic.

So, what’s the secret to staying on your A-Game when under pressure?

That’s what we asked some very familiar faces at the launch of our new water-plus drink, Aquarius. Over a very millennial brunch (avocado toast, chia pudding and granola pots) all washed down with Aquarius’ Lemon and Lime water-plus, a handful of ambitious Londoners chatted with some of their favourite influencers and entrepreneurs, before enjoying a personalised mentoring session at the Aquarius A-Space.

A very millennial brunch to kickstart the day

The co-working A-Space provided the perfect backdrop for the event. Leaning into the trend for express services, time-pressed millennials could drop-in and pick the brains of our talented panel from the worlds of business, music, fashion, beauty, food and design.

Krept & Konan, Sharmadean Reid, Poppy Jamie, Grace Victory, Matt Johnson, AJ Odudu and Alice Olins were all on-hand to share their secrets to success, and the lessons they’ve learnt when it comes to starting a business or juggling multiple projects.

The main takeaway? It’s all about a holistic approach; positive thinking, asking for help, and nourishing mind – and body. “It’s very important to stay hydrated, and it’s very important to have a good diet,” said Matt Johnson, who balances presenting with co-hosting The Naked Professors, the #1 podcast show that embraces conversations about mental health in a raw and relatable manner.

Love Island’s Laura Crane was in attendance.

Fatigue, both mental and physical, is something many people – including our mentors – have experienced. They were quick to advocate the importance of checking-in with yourself, not being afraid to ask for help, and taking a break when needed – which can be as simple as giving your body that extra boost of vitamins.

Poppy Jamie revealed how she stays on her A-game.

Enriched with essential minerals to help the plus-generation take on their multi-faceted lifestyles, Aquarius is designed to support you – no matter what your day looks like. For Poppy Jamie, an entrepreneur and former television presenter, who is the co-founder of accessories brand Pop & Suki and creator of the mindfulness app, Happy not Perfect, the idea that a drink can improve her focus and sharpen her memory was a plus: “I always need a little bit of help with that,” she admitted.

Sharmadean Reid understands too well the challenge to maintain that precarious work/life balance. A serial entrepreneur and the mastermind behind WAH Nails and Beautystack, she’s on a mission to use technology to empower women economically, socially and culturally. “We are the Plus-Generation. Whether you’re a DJ plus designer, or yoga instructor plus entrepreneur, we’re always hustling, always on-the-go and striving for success is often at the expense of our wellbeing,” says Reid. “We need a product like Aquarius in our lives!”   

TV presenter AJ Odudu couldn’t pick her favourite Aquarius flavour.

With two refreshing, and restorative, flavours to choose from – Lime & Magnesium, which helps reduce tiredness and fatigue, and Lemon & Zinc, which contributes to normal cognitive function – Aquarius helps to put back in what life takes out. AJ Odudu, presenter-extraordinaire and fitness super-influencer, summed this up better than even we could: “It’s a drink that keeps on giving!”

Try Aquarius yourself! Both great flavours are available now at retailers nationwide.