From her favourite fashion hack to the top item on her bucket list, we catch up with Diet Coke ambassador Holly Willoughby…

Which is your favourite Diet Coke flavour?

Classic Diet Coke is my favourite. When it comes to the new flavours it just depends what mood I’m in.

What does Diet Coke’s Because I Can campaign mean to you?

Life is busy and it’s crazy. We’re often sticking to a schedule and thinking about what we are doing tomorrow and next week. I think we sometimes lose sight of ourselves a bit and it’s important to claim some time back for yourself and do something that is a tiny bit selfish.

Who influences your style and how does your style evolve?

When it comes to style, it depends on what I’m doing and where I’m going. Ultimately though, I want to be comfortable in whatever I’m wearing, so comfort always trumps style for me!

I think it’s important to feel like I’m wearing the outfit, rather than the outfit is wearing me, but I’m very happy to be guided as to what to wear, as I’m not that brilliant when it comes to choosing for myself.

I have learnt a lot about style over the years, but actually, I think I’m better at dressing and decorating my house than getting myself dressed in the morning!

Is there a particular outfit you’ve worn that’s made you feel amazing, or like you can accomplish something?

I love dressing up and that always makes me feel amazing. I was very lucky to wear some incredible dresses on Dancing on Ice and one of my favourite from the whole series was the first blue dress I wore. I felt like a princess and I loved it.

Do you think that fashion plays a positive role in people’s confidence?

If you are dressing to impress other people only, and not yourself, then I don’t think fashion will make you feel truly confident.

However, if you dress yourself in a way that makes you feel even happier then yes I think fashion plays a part in building confidence, as part of a much bigger picture. Fashion can be the icing on the cake, but real confidence comes from something much deeper.

What’s your biggest fashion tip or hack?

Good underwear is really important because you need it to build the foundation for an outfit.

I have lovely underwear, but I seem to never use it because I always go back to the big hold-in knickers or nude underwear, which is definitely more practical than beautiful!

I also think it’s really important to buy clothes that fit you, which sounds obvious, but we are so beholden to sticking to our size. When you go shopping, you should take a host of different sizes and just try them on.

Personally, I think we should just cut the labels out and use our own eyes to see what fits best.

How do you choose what to pack for a holiday?

I try not to worry too much about packing because the whole point of going away for me is not to move, not get dressed up and to barely brush my hair! I try to be as minimal as possible, so I barely get out of swimwear or a cover-up, which makes packing very low maintenance.

Who is your current style icon?

There are so many style icons! Often when someone comes into the studio, I think ‘oh my God, I want to be like that person’, like Joanna Lumley for example or a ‘powerhouse’ woman like Cate Blanchett. Everything about her is beautiful, from her clothes to her hair. There’s an inner strength with someone like that.

Biggest fashion splurge?

Every year, I think you’re allowed to treat yourself to a winter coat. I’ve had coats for 10 years and if you buy a classic, it will last forever – and keep you warm!

I used to treat myself to handbags and shoes, but the high street is so amazing now, you don’t really need to splurge. I’d never buy a designer handbag now.

Your top fashion tip?

When you try something on, take a picture of yourself and look at the photo. When we look in the mirror, we tend to look at the bits we don’t like, but when you take a picture, it gives you the opportunity to look at the whole outfit and give you a better idea.

There’s a trend for matching at the moment, have you ever matched your outfit with your daughter?

I do actually have a few matching items with Belle. We have the same jumper and swimming costume. Nothing ridiculous, but she likes it, and it’s cute to do.

Is your daughter trying on your shoes?

My daughter and my sons love to put my shoes on and walk around. They love a high heel!

Belle isn’t actually fussed about fashion. She would much rather wear jeans and a jumper. I think because she sees me get dressed up all the time, it’s not that special to her. She’s girly, but she has her own unique style going on and she knows what she likes.

What’s your favourite way to relax?

A bath is my favourite thing in the world. I love a bath, with loads of bath oil, candles and I listen to Desert Island Discs.

If you have 10 minutes free what do you do?

If I have 10 minutes spare, I usually check my phone and take 5 minutes to look at Instagram. I really worry about screen time as I’m probably on my phone too much, but I do like using it to keep up to date. When you are a busy working mum, the social side of things is last on the list, so being able to catch up on my phone works well for me.

Top thing on your bucket list?

I would love to go to Jordan and the Ancient City of Petra. One day, I’d like to take a trip to see all the modern wonders of the world.

Are there any celebrity women who you would love to work with?

There are loads of women that I would love to work with. I love working with women, because women are great!

Apart from Phil who would be your dream host?

I’m very lucky to work with so many co-hosts, but I feel very grateful to have worked with Fearne for so many years, which has been a dream. I’d also love to go travelling with Joanna Lumley!

What does being a woman mean to you?

Being a woman means so many different things to me. You have so many different hats on and sides to you, with passions, choices and options nowadays.

For me to try and condense what being a woman is would probably end up in a cliché, but it’s about being a mum, a sister, a friend. Always doing what you really believe in and being honest with yourself. I think it’s important to not want too much and instead, make good choices and do what feels right.

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