The work party. The annual uni reunion. The family get-togethers. There’s no time like the countdown to Christmas and New Year’s. But, who’s going to spare a thought for the unsung heroes - ­­­­the designated drivers?

We are.

For the tenth year in a row, we’re bringing back our Designated Driver promotion – run in partnership with the government's THINK! Drink Drive campaign – which rewards people who volunteer to do the driving over the festive period, and help friends and family get home safely.

How does it work?

We offer designated drivers a free second soft drink when they buy a Coca-Cola, Appletiser or Schweppes drink at participating pubs and restaurants. All they need to do is show their keys at the bar.

And trust us, going dry isn’t all bad. It can shine a whole new light on a night.

Here’s what every Designated Driver gets to notice…

1. How much everyone repeats themselves.  

“No, please, take a seat and tell me why you love Chris for the fourth time.”

2. How loud everyone is.  

“Hey. HEY. HEY. HEY! HEY!!!”

3. How intense everyone is. 

“I’m just going to hide here until Kate stops being so emotional…”

4. How everyone starts spilling secrets.

“Psst. Have you heard about Kate?!”

5. How personal space doesn’t seem to matter anymore.

 “Stop. Stop. Please. Stop.”

6. How pictures are so much better sober.

“Acceptable. Nice. Very nice. Fabulous!”

7. How much everyone talks. 

“So… didyouhearaboutwhathappenedlastsaturday? Youwon’tbelieveit!”

8. How everyone can dance (in their heads). 

“Guys, the music stopped 5 minutes ago…”

9. How good mornings can feel.

“No hangover. No problem.”

If you’re the #DesignatedDriver for the night, use our map to find your nearest participating bar, pub or restaurant.

It’s our way of saying cheers for being a hero!