We can all do a little more to help save our planet and one of the best places to start is in our own homes. Making all our Coca-Cola packaging 100% recyclable is only part of the answer to the world’s packaging problem – we also want to make sure everyone is doing their bit and getting the most out of their own recycling routines.

That’s why we’ve come up with 7 simple ways to help you make your commitment to protecting our environment go a little bit further.

Did you know: Up to 70% of household waste can be recycled or reused in some way?

Remember MOST metal items are recyclable – it’s not just about plastic, all our Coca-Cola cans, as well as tins, empty aerosols and kitchen foil can go in the recycling bin.

Empty waste paper bins – everything that goes in your waste paper bin can probably also be recycled. It isn’t just newspapers that go a long way, but Coca-Cola multipack boxes, your old envelopes, used wrapping paper, cards and stacks of unwanted junk mail.

Collect ALL your Coca-Cola packaging – all our Coca-Cola cans, and glass and plastic bottles, can be recycled as they are with their labels and caps on. Always try and keep the tops on your bottles where possible to stop them getting lost!

You don’t need to rinse out your bottles –  all our Coca-Cola bottles are washed when they arrive at our recycling plants so you can chuck them straight into your recycling bin!

Cardboard can take up too much room – take the time to fold and flatten Coca-Cola multipack boxes as well as other old bits of cardboard and paper. It will give you more space in your recycling bin and help you keep your house looking tidier!

Locate your nearest recycling point – knowing exactly where your local recycling drop-off point is means you can easily fit a visit into your weekly routine – perhaps as part of the school run or on your way to work.

Use our recycling point locator to find your nearest drop off. It’s also helpful in case you have bigger items to recycle which won’t fit in to your local authority-provided bins.

Educate your family – ensuring everything ends up in the right bin is much easier if everyone takes responsibility for what they are throwing away. You can even designate jobs, like collecting empty or unused plastics, paper, metal etc. from around the house, once a week to get everyone involved.

Did you know? 2.25m pieces of litter are dropped on the streets of the UK every day