‘Tis the season to be jolly, and take extra care. Coca-Cola Great Britain has brought back its Designated Driver scheme for the 9th year, which celebrates the unsung heroes who stick to soft drinks and do all the driving over the Christmas party season. We’ve come up with 5 things designated drivers should think about to help them make the most of the night.

So you’ve willingly volunteered (or lost a bet) and become the designated driver for the evening. We think you’re a hero, but you may not be too happy about it.

Our Designated Driver scheme – run in partnership with the Department for Transport’s THINK! Drink Drive campaign – is all about celebrating people like you. So we’ve pulled together six things to think about when you’re out to help you see the glass half full.

1. THINK! of your ground rules

You’re the driver, whatever you say goes. So it’s time to set some ground rules. Like, the driver is always the car DJ. No interfering, no complaining and, if you’re particularly bad, no singing.

2. THINK! of the choices

Mixing drinks never ends well normally. But this isn’t a normal night. You can actually mix things up, try something new and probably still save more money than your friends. Result.

3. THINK! ahead

If at any point in the night you’re questioning what you’re doing, just remember this… your mates seriously owe you for this.

4. THINK! of the memories

It is possible to enjoy a night out without alcohol. Think about it, you get to remember everything that happens. Meanwhile, for your friends, things might be a bit blurry the morning after. So enjoy the night, and enjoy the next day… because you’ll have a lot of stuff to talk about.

5. THINK! about the free soft drink

We want to help out all you heroes this Christmas time. Buy a Coca-Cola, Appletiser or Schweppes drink and you’ll get another one for free – on us! Just show your keys at the bar, and let them know you’re the designated driver.

And remember, if you’re driving, it’s absolutely your choice where everyone goes…

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