Christmas is officially here when the Coca-Cola Christmas Truck starts its tour and lights up our screens – filling us with those warm, fuzzy, festive thoughts. We bet at least 2 of these came to mind when you saw it for the first time!

It’s that time of year again! Holidays are booked, there’s festive excitement in the air and the Coca-Cola Christmas Truck Tour has set off on its merry journey around the UK.

‘Holidays Are Coming’ begins to play, the truck’s lights twinkle, and you start to get that Christmassy feeling for the first time.

Here are 10 things you think of when Christmas is on the horizon…

1. All the Christmas food

 “There’s one Yorkshire pudding left over there.”

2. Finding that perfect Christmas outfit

 “It’s called fashion, look it up.”

3. Listening to Christmas music

“It’s never too early...”

4. Preparing for the Christmas parties

 “Yes, Susan, of course I know how to DJ.”

5. Spending time with family and friends

“Let me just make a cup of tea before we start opening presents.”

6. Dreaming of that Christmas morning lie in

 “I’ll just wait here patiently for everyone to wake up.”

7. Putting up decorations

“I’ll control myself, I promise.”

8. Starting the Christmas shopping

“I’m not moving until I’ve finished.”

9. Maybe it will snow this year?

“It’s a white Christmas miracle!”

10. All the Christmas movies

“I promise I’m going to stay awake for this one.”

Fancy getting into the Christmas spirit? Find your nearest Coca-Cola’s Christmas Truck Stop