1. The first four letters spell “COKE” backwards!

2. EKOCENTER follows an IKEA model. All the parts are assembled locally.

3. Vietnam is the only country in Asia to currently host an EKOCENTER.

4. The Pentair water purification system used in some EKOCENTERs can provide upwards of 6,000 liters of safe drinking water daily.

5. The Red Cross sometimes uses the EKOCENTER site in Vietnam to provide health check-ups. The site also has badminton courts & a work-out center.

6. EKOCENTER is a social-enterprise. In other words, both business and communities benefit.

7. EKOCENTER offers photo-copying, fax, mobile charging and other everyday services to help small businesses.

8. The solar powered canopy of an EKOCENTER provides a reliable 2 kWh of electricity.

9. A local manufacturing facility in Ethiopia builds our EKOCENTERs for that market.

10. Famous German architecture firm GRAFT partnered with Solarkiosk to design the current EKOCENTER.