Fancy winning an all-expenses paid trip to THORPE PARK Resort or Alton Towers Resort for you and three friends? Then get dunking! #CokeDunks runs from 10 to 23 September 2018 across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Here’s how to get involved…

How do I enter?

Step 1: Film yourself, or a friend, creatively dunking your recyclable Coca-Cola plastic bottle (or any one of our other great drinks) into a recycling bin. Remember: it has to be a recycling bin. Make sure your bottle is empty, with the bottle cap on.

Here’s professional street basketball player Tom Connors showing us how it’s done:

Step 2: Upload your video onto Twitter, Facebook or Instagram – it can be a post or an Instastory.

Step 3: Use the hashtag #CokeDunks:

Want to see a truly EPIC dunk? Take a look at Olympic gymnast Nile Wilson’s epic dunk.

Step 4: Make sure to pick up and recycle any bottles that haven’t been dunked. The aim of the game is to get as many bottles recycled as possible, as well as performing some epic dunks.

The dos and don’ts of #CokeDunks


  • Get creative! The more epic the dunk, the more likely you are to win…
  • Dunk into a recycling bin.
  • Stay safe: Don’t do anything that could put you or anyone else in danger.
  • Dunk plastic bottles: They don’t have to be Coca-Cola ones.
  • Get your friends to have a go.
  • Have fun!
  • Dunk empty bottles: Bottles have to be empty to get recycled.


  • Feature any other brands in your film: Make sure you don’t feature any obvious logos on clothing or trainers or brands in the background.
  • Film anyone under 16: Everyone in your video must be 16 or over, and you need to have the permission of whoever is featured.
  • Leave litter: If you flunk it, redunk it!
  • Dunk into any old bin: It has to be a recycle bin, not a rubbish bin. Need help locating a bin near you? The recycling locator is here to help!
  • Do anything illegal! For obvious reasons…
  • Dunk a bottle with liquid: Only empty bottles can be recycled.

Got any questions? Take a look at our Coke Dunks Q&A.