Can I become addicted to Coca‑Cola? | Frequently Asked Questions | Coca-Cola GB

Many people enjoy sweet tastes from time to time, and that’s normal. Food and drinks, like chocolate, for example, can trigger what scientists call “reward centres” in the brain but so can other things like music or exercise. Regularly consuming food and drink that taste good and that you enjoy is not the same as being addicted to them.


The key to a healthy diet is to consume a variety of food and drink in moderation, including those which contain sugar. These foods and drinks can be enjoyed as part of a balanced lifestyle, so long as people don’t have too much.


It’s important to us to make sure that consumers have a choice. That’s why, in addition to our drinks with sugar, we offer a variety of great-tasting beverages with reduced, low or no sugar and calories. We also provide information on how much sugar and how many calories are in our drinks, so people can choose what makes sense for them and their families.


Did you know? In 2014 we began using front of pack colour-coded nutrition labels showing the sugar and calories in each serving of our drinks.


Find out how we’re helping you enjoy less sugar.

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