Coca-Cola Great Britain's new campaign encourages consumers to share a moment of happiness with friends, family and loved ones, as new personalised packs hit the shelves this summer


This summer, in its biggest campaign of the year, Coca‑Cola GB is inviting people to come together and Share a Coke with their friends and family. For the first time in the brand’s history, consumers across the United Kingdom will see personalised Coca-Cola packs with the iconic “Coca‑Cola” script replaced by consumer names.

The Share a Coke campaign will see bottles featuring 150 of the most popular names in the UK stocked on shelves nationwide, with names ranging from Aaron to Zoe.

Specifically, the names will appear across individual 375ml and 500ml PET bottles of Coca‑Cola, Diet Coke and Coke Zero from April – August, with larger sharing bottles of Coke set aside for sharing with ‘friends’ and ‘family’.

To support the campaign, an exciting 30-second TVC will launch in May, bringing to life the individual stories of sharing from real Coke consumers. The TVC shows teens and young adults telling the stories behind the happy moments they share with their loved ones.

The campaign will also engage with those who are unable to find their names on pack, by allowing people to head over to, where consumers will be given the chance to create their own virtual personalised Coca‑Cola cans to share with friends.

"We are delighted to be launching the Share a Coke campaign, which sees the iconic Coca‑Cola script transformed and personalised for our consumers for the first time in our history. We understand the value of offering consumers an authentic and personal brand experience, which is why we are inviting the public to have fun finding the names on Coca-Cola products and taking the time to Share a Coke with their friends and loved ones, both in-store and online" Jon Woods, Managing Director for Coca‑Cola Great Britain

The integrated campaign will also be supported by outdoor advertising activity and digital promotion through social media channels. Further activity around Share a Coke will also be announced later in the summer.

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About Coca‑Cola Great Britain:
Coca‑Cola Great Britain is responsible for marketing 21 brands and over 100 products to consumers across Great Britain, with a focus upon developing new brands and extending existing brands including Coca‑Cola. Other Coca‑Cola Great Britain brands include Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Fanta, Sprite, Dr Pepper, Oasis, Glaceau vitaminwater, Oasis, Schweppes, 5 Alive, Lilt, Kia Ora, Relentless Energy Drink and Powerade. The Coca‑Cola Great Britain portfolio is worth £2,086 million with value sales growth of 4.2% in the past year. Within this, the My Coke trilogy (Coca‑Cola, Diet Coke and Coke Zero) is worth £1,157 million (Neilsen, w/c 19/01/13). Coca‑Cola Great Britain is committed to developing innovative, responsible and sustainable initiatives that help protect the environment. Recently, the company launched its PlantBottle™ plastic made from up to 22.5% plant-based materials. For more information about Coca‑Cola in Great Britain, please visit our website at