Schweppes, one of the world’s most famous adult sparkling drinks brands, is being re-launched in Great Britain with a bold new strategy, including new advertising, packaging and variants.

Schweppes, which is owned and marketed by Coca-Cola in Great Britain, is the UK’s number one mixer brand, with a rich heritage dating back to 1783.

The campaign aims to seize the opportunity of a renaissance in adult soft drinking. Growing demand for sparkling drinks targeting adults and an increase in people drinking mixers without alcohol has boosted the adult soft drinks market by 9.1 percent in the UK over the past year – outpacing other growing soft drink categories including water, energy and squash.

With its leading position and unrivalled brand loyalty, Schweppes is in a unique position to recruit a new generation of 35+ year-old consumers, with a more modern and younger image for the 232 year-old brand.

Separating men from the boys, women from the girls

This Easter, British consumers saw the first expression of this major new push with a series of provocative outdoor ads. These see Schweppes adopt a new, witty and youthful proposition. “Girls know what they want. Women know how to get it”, and “Men have status. Boys are busy updating theirs”, capture the core creative theme of ‘separating the men from the boys, and the women from the girls’. Following the outdoor launch, the campaign will soon extend across on-demand TV, cinema and digital, reaching an estimated 87 percent of British adults.

The unique heritage and modern character of the brand is being accentuated with a renovated packaging design, featuring a new ‘ownable’ teardrop-shaped bottle and embossed ‘fountain’ Schweppes logo. This will be used for 125ml, 200ml and 1 litre PET pack sizes.

The new campaign and range extension will also be supported by extensive in-store sampling, retailer events and PR.

Extending the range

The new campaign also includes a major new product innovation, extending the Schweppes range of mixers, cordials and lemonade into a new family of Schweppes Sparking Juices.

The new line-up, including Grapefruit & Blood Orange, Orange & Cranberry and Lemon & Eldeflower variants, is designed to meet the needs of sophisticated adult palates, while also extending the appeal of Schweppes with a message of ‘not only mixers’. The sparkling juices, which will be promoted with the tagline “Grown Up Tastes for Grown Up Palates”, will be the lowest-calorie of their kind in the ‘adult special’ sector (20kcal/100ml), driving incremental category growth among consumers who are looking for sophisticated tastes and greater choice. The new sparkling juices will be available in 750ml and 275ml glass bottles and 330ml cans.

Adult soft drinking on the rise

Jessica Taylor-Delaney, Senior Brand Activation Manager for Schweppes, says: “There is a great opportunity in the adult soft drinking market and with this campaign we are positioning Schweppes to seize it. Adults over 35 are tending to drink less alcohol and are increasingly drinking mixers without alcohol at all. The sector is growing by nearly 10 per cent a year, selling over 11 million unit cases in the UK last year. Demand is fuelled by a growing health culture, with 35+ consumers more conscious of calories and looking for inspiring drinks outside of the established youth-focused sparkling brands. With this wide-ranging investment, Schweppes is tapping into each of these trends, representing a smart and sophisticated choice for a new generation of discerning adult consumers.”