• Makers of the nation’s favourite tonic1 collaborated with scientists to reveal the perfect G&T serve for World Gin Day
  • Size, shape, feel and sound all feature as the top factors in serving the perfect G&T

Images and infographic downloadable here

08 June 2017: To celebrate World Gin Day (10 June), Schweppes has teamed up with three experts in flavour science, including drinks expert, Tony Conigliaro, food scientist, Charles Michel, and designer, Andreas Fabian, to create the perfect glass from which to enjoy a G&T.

With gin topping beer sales for the first time ever this month2, it’s safe to say gin is one of the nation’s favourite tipples. But while there’s no doubt Britons enjoy a G&T, there still remains debate about how the perfect G&T should be served.

So, whether you prefer a high-ball, stemless, or tumbler, finally there is a concrete answer as to how you should be drinking your G&T - and it’s backed by science. Together, the three experts and Schweppes have revealed five multi-sensory elements needed to create the perfect G&T serving glass; proprioception (size), embodiment (shape and weight), haptics (feel), visual aesthetics (look) and sonic amplification (sound).

The size

The glass is larger on the inside than it looks from the outside; the design uses a special glass-making technique that traps inverted bubbles inside it. This increases the surface area of the inner part of the glass, and enables more bubbles to pop - physically increasing the fizziness of the drink.

The shape

With a rounded and heavy base, the shape of this unique, perfect serve glassware is designed to fit perfectly in the palm of your hand – creating a balanced in-hand experience, with the glass having a very low centre of gravity3. The heavier weight of the glass is also designed based on research that shows heavier eating and drinking utensils can enhance enjoyment4.

The feel

The exterior of the hand-blown glass is designed to engage the sense of touch, from the way the glass feels in your hand – with its slightly asymmetrical sides and textured surface – to the unusual sensation of the very thin 1.2mm glass-edge touching your lips.

The look

The elegant line of the glass is based on research that shows people tend to prefer rounder shapes over angular ones5. This creates a phenomenon called “sensation transference”, which means visual and tactile cues can change how the drink tastes6.

The sound

While sound is not something you’d usually consider important in your G&T – research shows that it plays an essential component in the enjoyment of food and drink7. The shape of the glass, and swell at the opening, is designed to help enhance the sound of lightly bursting bubbles before you take each sip.

Tony Conigliaro, Drinks Expert for Schweppes, said: “People know which glass to reach for when choosing a red or white wine, but when it comes to a G&T, even professional bartenders are conflicted on the best glassware to choose. That’s why we’ve joined forces as experts to design the perfect serve glass for a G&T, bringing together science, design, and experience to bring the best out of the drink – and ultimately creating a better drinking experience for gin and tonic fans.”

Charles Michel, Oxford University Food Scientist, said: “The shape, weight and visual aspects of the glass tap into something called “sensation transference” – a phenomenon where our senses, in this case taste, can be positively influenced by our other senses, such as in-hand touch and vision. The glass we’ve designed plays on several multi-sensory elements to maximise the flavour of the drink – partner your G&T with the right ingredients and ideal container, and it will never taste the same again.”

Schweppes has revealed it will soon be developing the perfect serve glassware as a limited-edition collection, to celebrate its 225th British anniversary this year.

Aedamar Howlett, Marketing Director, Schweppes said: “With more than 1 in 10 (13%) 25-34 year old’s considering drinking craft gin as a hobby8 and sales of the spirit continuing to boom [1], there’s no doubt that World Gin Day this weekend is high on the list of the nation’s favorite occasions. Schweppes has been gin’s perfect partner for 225 years in the UK, and we are thrilled to be able to work with three industry experts to create the world’s first perfect serve G&T glass. We’ll be raising one of these with the rest of the UK this weekend to celebrate!”

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