New research from Coca-Cola Great Britain reveals the disconnect between our motivations and actions when recycling in the home

  • New research by Coca-Cola Great Britain reveals that 77% of consumers find their homes the easiest place to recycle.
  • But research conducted by WRAP shows that while recycling rates are higher than ever, more than half (54%) of Brits put at least one item in the general rubbish that could be recycled.
  • This Recycle Week, Coca-Cola Great Britain is partnering with WRAP to help close the gap between consumer motivations and actions, encouraging more people to recycle.

24 September 2018: New research commissioned by Coca-Cola Great Britain has today found that 77% percent of consumers find their homes the easiest place to recycle.[1] Despite this, there’s still more to do – data released by WRAP has found that more than half (54%) of UK households dispose of at least one recyclable item in the general rubbish.[2]

The research, commissioned by Coca-Cola and published to coincide with Recycle Week, shines a spotlight on the disconnect between consumers’ intentions and actions when it comes to recycling in the home. While 67% of people agree that recycling should be an everyday norm for them, Brits said that clearer recycling guidelines on packaging (59%) and better information from local councils regarding what can and cannot be recycled (52%), would make recycling in the home easier.

That’s why Coca-Cola Great Britain is partnering with WRAP to encourage consumers to recycle, helping them to walk the walk – not just talk the talk. As part of this, Coca-Cola is featuring the Recycle Now Recycling Locator on its Journey website, alongside expert tips and tricks to help educate and encourage consumers to recycle in the home.

The research from WRAP also revealed an age divide in attitudes towards recycling, with 62% of those aged over 55 saying they want to be a good recycler, compared with 37% of 18-24-year olds. This means it is more important than ever for brands to engage with younger people when it comes to recycling.

This is why earlier this month Coca-Cola Great Britain launched a new integrated marketing campaign to encourage and reward people for recycling their empty plastic drinks bottles. As part of the campaign, a TVC entitled ‘Across the Tracks has been rolled out, alongside a competition and social media activation entitled #CokeDunks, which challenged people to film themselves creatively slam-dunking their empty plastic bottles into recycling bins. The campaign culminates this week, Recycle Week, with a takeover of the Piccadilly Lights encouraging passers-by to recycle their bottle once they’ve enjoyed their drink, and the launch of a Snapchat Lens which challenges people to virtually dunk as many empty bottles into a recycling bin. 

Liz Lowe, Sustainability Manager at Coca-Cola Great Britain, said: “We know people want to recycle, but it’s not always that easy. That’s why we want to remind people to recycle everything they can in the home – whether your soft drinks bottle or your shampoo bottle – so that more can be recovered and recycled into new products.

“At Coca-Cola Great Britain, we have created packaging which is 100% recyclable – from the cap, to the label and bottle. We’ve also set ourselves a goal, that by 2020 all our plastic drinks bottles will contain 50% recycled plastic, up from 25%.  We urge other companies to follow our lead and encourage consumers to recycle. By making these changes, we’re one step closer to achieving our global ambition of a #WorldWithoutWaste, which will see our company recycle a bottle or can for every one sold by 2030.”

Marcus Gover, Chief Executive of WRAP, said: “We are really pleased to be partnering with Coca-Cola Great Britain this Recycle Week, to help encourage more people to recycle within their homes. More and more people in the UK are recycling, but it’s important we get it right – which is why our Recycle Week theme is ‘Recycling. We Do. Because it matters.’ By partnering with companies like Coca-Cola Great Britain, we want to show people that recycling doesn’t have to be complicated, and help consumers recycle as much and as best they can. Remember the Recycle Now Recycling Locator can help you find out what you can recycle where you live.”

[1] Research carried out by YouGov on behalf of Coca-Cola Great Britain.
[2] WRAP annual recycling tracker survey, 2018.