Oasis, the juice drink behind the #RefreshingStuff ads, has created the world’s first double ended bottle, in their classic Summer Fruits flavour. The Togetherness bottle aims to bring harmony to a lunch time near you.

Specifically created to be consumed in unison by two people, the ground-breaking designers at Oasis HQ have uncovered what scientists and world leaders alike have been trying to solve for centuries – a way to unite people. This bottle can be shared with a friend, foe, or even a total stranger. By drinking from the bottle, harmony can be achieved and a fruity drink has us one step closer to reaching togetherness… from either end.

So far, this bottle has been used to solve an office disagreement over who stole the last yoghurt from the fridge, halted two social media stars’ online argument over who had that totally-original-super-branded YouTube idea first and resolved a pretty heated Taxi vs Boris Bike debate on Oxford Circus*.

Not in shops (doesn’t fit on shelves).

*or so we’ve heard…