It’s UK festival season, meaning one thing is guaranteed – rain, and lots of it. We’ve seen steady downpours already this summer and, with July and August festivals coming thick and fast, waterproofs will surely be an essential for all revelers.

Of course, rain and its chief side effect, mud, aren’t the only festival bugbears; losing your spot, your mates and missing out on the music because you’re in the drinks queue are top festival frustrations.

That’s why the clever folks at Oasis, the soft drinks brand that likes to poke fun at modern day life, have invented a fashion item to address these festival woes. The ‘Mighty Mac’ contains a reservoir funnel on the hood to capture rainwater, an in-built tube system to channel water down the sleeve and a tap to turn on whenever you’re feeling a bit dehydrated. Simply add Oasis Mighty Drops (handily stored in the pocket) to the water, et voila, a delicious drink without the festival fallout.

Download the 'Mighty Mac' instructions and tips on how to style your mac (PDF).

Oasis Senior Brand Manager, Zara Gugen, said: “Let’s face it, the Mighty Mac is not going to do your festival fashion cred much good, but it’ll keep you dry on the outside and hydrated on the inside. And this is without sacrificing a second of the action or losing your friends for the rest of the festival. Given the colour, your friends aren’t likely to lose you either.”

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About Oasis

Oasis is the UK’s number one on-the-go juice drink consumed with food (Kantar Worldpanel: 2015). The fruit flavoured, non-carbonated range is manufactured by Coca-Cola European Partner in conjunction with The Coca-Cola Company in the UK. The range includes 7 ready-to-drink ‘Oasis’ products - 5 mid-calorie (Summer Fruits, Citrus Punch, Pineapple Rush, Mango Medley, Blackcurrant Apple) and two lights (Summer Fruits, Peach and Passion Fruit).  In 2014, Oasis entered the on-the-go squash market with Oasis Mighty Drops – the super-concentrated drops are available in 3 flavours (Mixed Berry, Raspberry Lemonade, Mango Tropical).  The brand’s Refreshing Stuff campaign aims to offer a refreshingly honest take on the world. 

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