By September, the average Brit* has enjoyed a whopping 109 ‘perfect’ summer holiday sunsets, 125 poolside views and 74 pairs of ‘hotdog legs’ sizzling in the sunshine. Unfortunately, none of these are in reality; these perfect summer moments have all been witnessed on social media.

The average surveyed Brit takes just one holiday between June and August, with 39% of us taking no time off at all over this period. However, over these same months, Brits are subjected to nearly 6billion #holiday posts, 3.7billion #wishyouwerehere’s and 4.2billion uses of #nofilter on social media.

Your friends’ lives may look more exciting than yours on social over the summer months, but research from Oasis Drinks reveals that we are a nation of social fakers. Almost a quarter (23%) of us admit to posting bogus holiday content on social media, suggesting that of the above hashtags, 3.2billion are faked each summer. Southerners are the main culprits of this, with nearly half (48%) revealing they have posted fake social content, compared to just one third (34%) of Northerners.

The survey found that in order to make our lives appear more exciting 10% of us confess to posting content from someone else but pretending it was our own. Another 10% have photo shopped holiday snaps before sharing them online and 14% of Brits even say they have posted images on social media at a time purely designed to cause envy among friends.

Over three-fifths (64%) say Facebook is the platform Brits post fake holiday content to the most, followed by Instagram (37%), Snapchat (22%) and Twitter (18%).

However, as holiday season comes to a close, Brits admit to turning green eyed over their peers’ posts; the return to work in September whilst friends are still on holiday induces more social envy than content shared on social channels over Christmas. Almost a quarter (24%) of us say work-related woes (heading back to work after a holiday or not having any holiday allowance left) are the root of social envy, whilst one fifth (20%) blame terrible weather. 19% say it’s a low bank balance and 10% say that commuting to and from work makes us jealous when we see photos of our friends on the beach.

What constitutes the most annoying holiday snap on social media? Almost half (45%) of Brits surveyed say that photos of canoodling couples are the worst offending shots. Swimwear and bikini body boasters bother 40% of us, as do snaps uploaded at times of day designed to cause maximum envy. 36% of us get hot and bothered by ‘hotdog leg’ shots, whilst poolside pics annoy a quarter (25%) of Brits. Sunset silhouettes irk 23% and snaps of beautiful beaches are a bugbear of one fifth (20%) surveyed.

Although sharing holiday snaps gets on our nerves, over half of us (56%) are guilty of posting at least one of the above on our own social media channels. But we do so at our peril; over a quarter (26%) of Brits have blocked, unfollowed or de-friended someone at least once to avoid holiday spam. Brits even lose a total of 88.7million social media friends between June and August, with the average person ‘culling’ two people on social media over these months to avoid infuriating social content.

Oasis Senior Brand Manager Zara Gugen said: “At Oasis we like to have a refreshingly honest take on things and poke a bit of fun at modern day life. Our research shows that whilst Brits shouldn’t believe everything they see on their friends’ social media channels over the summer, we all like to make people a little envious of our own holidays!”

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The Most Annoying Photographs on Social Media:

1.     Canoodling Couples – 45%

2.     Swimwear and bikini body boasters – 40%

3.     Boastful holiday snaps, uploaded at times to cause maximum jealousy – 40%

4.     Use of #squadgoals – 36%

5.     ‘Hotdog legs’ – 36%

6.     Use of #nofilter – 35%

7.     Poolside shots – 25%

8.     Festival fun – 24%

9.     Sunset Silhouettes – 23%

10.   Sightseeing on holiday – 21%

11.   Beautiful beaches – 20%

12.   Picture perfect sunsets – 19%


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*A survey of 2,103 men and women across the UK, aged 16-55 who use social media more than once a week in August 2016

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