Schweppes unveils a fresh look and new iconic bottle 225 years since its first product launched in the UK

  • Champagne-inspired redesign delivers a superior taste and pouring experience – based on the original shape used by the brand’s creator, Jacob Schweppe
  • New bottle design will ensure consumers get a perfectly carbonated mixer from the first pour

03 October 2017: Schweppes, the nation’s favourite tonic*, has unveiled a refined new look and iconic bottle design – inspired by champagne – delivering a superior taste and pouring experience for cocktail-lovers across the UK.

The brand’s new look takes inspiration from its more than two-century rich heritage, but adds a refined, modern edge bringing it up-to-date. The shape of the new bottle is inspired by the original ‘skittle’ bottle, used by the brand’s creator and the inventor of bubbles – Jacob Schweppe.

The original bottle had a very specific pear shape without a flat base which was designed to lie on its side, and was originally closed with a natural cork. This is because the cork needed to remain wet to stay in place and expand; if it dried out, it would allow the CO2 to leak out too, and so the cork would shrink. This is one of the inspirations of the redesign, and why the glass bottles today have a similar silhouette.

The redesign comes in both PET 1 litre bottles as well as 200ml glass bottles – the former will have a different base design, making it more elegant and giving it a more natural design and curve.  

Today’s redesign has a very similar silhouette to the original skittle shape, like a champagne bottle, which is ergonomically designed to enhance Schweppes’ long-lasting, exceptional effervescence, and so deliver best-tasting drinks for the nation. The aim of the new-look Schweppes is a return to the rich heritage of the brand, and where all the magic began – interestingly, Schweppes was the very first soft drink worldwide to be bottled in glass, starting in the 1780s.

Stijn Franssen, Packaging Innovator for EMEA, Coca-Cola Company, said: “As a brand, Schweppes is always looking to innovate and deliver exceptional drinking experiences, and the packaging is of upmost importance. The bottle, the label and the glassware all play a part in the ritual of how a drink is served, poured, presented and enjoyed,” he said.

“The approach for the redesign was a holistic one, considering all aspects of the drinking experience to make it more luxurious and modern, as well as paying respect to the great heritage of the brand. We’ve made the opening design of the bottle as user-friendly as possible, so that consumers get a perfectly carbonated mixer from the first pour. The change in the base of the PET bottle is an industry leading development which makes our bottles more premium, with no other bottle-base like it out there, and ensures the bubbles last as long as possible.”

Aedamar Howett, Marketing Director, Coca-Cola Company, said:“Schweppes is the nation’s favourite tonic, and we know our products are the ultimate mixers. The brand’s effortless new look and luxury bottle shape complement the premium liquid, ensuring Schweppes will continue to be the UK’s number one.”

Schweppes new-look range is available in Classic or Slimline varieties in 200ml or 1L bottles, and cartons of 6 or 12 mini cans – perfect for any drinking occasion. 

* Based on Nielsen volume and value MAT 01.10.16