• Coca-Cola floats a brand new variant – helium-carbonated Coca-Cola
  • Perfect for parties, the helium carbonated drink adds extra fun, whilst keeping the great taste of Coca-Cola Classic


SATURDAY 1 APRIL 2017: Coca-Cola is giving its fans hilariously high pitched voices this week, with the launch of a brand new variant: Coca-Cola Helium. The highly anticipated launch introduces a twist to the much-loved Coca-Cola Classic, by carbonating it with a small shot of helium. The new recipe keeps the same fizz and great taste but with added fun as, when consumed, the drinker’s voice takes on a whole new pitch.

The development of Coca-Cola Helium is in response to findings that consumers want to combine their drinking moments with entertainment. The research*, conducted by Coca-Cola, found that over three quarters of people surveyed would enjoy drinks that offer surprise experiences other than quenching thirst. Created with sharing fun moments in mind, Coca-Cola Helium is the perfect addition to parties and gatherings, or even for a cheeky prank people want to play on mates this April Fools’ Day!

By carbonating Coca-Cola Classic with a small shot of helium, the drink alters vocal cords by allowing sound to travel faster, and makes them more responsive to high-frequency sounds. This creates the squeaky high-pitched effect on the drinker’s voice.

Kate Miller, Marketing Manager for Coca-Cola Great Britain said: “We’re delighted to be launching Coca-Cola Helium this year – it really inflates our range of drinks and lifts our fans spirits. Popularity of Coca-Cola continues to balloon and this new variant is set to be a flyaway success.”


*This Research never happened – Happy April Fool’s Day